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Dear Psy-Captains the results are now in

1st place: CHASDESIGN

2nd place: HOLYG

3rd place: EDWIN MEJIA

4th place: OMAIS RANA


And to end the debate about the contest participations, from now on we will limit the participation to 3 participations. Each person can only win once.

I would normally limit this type of event to just one submission per person, but I fear this would limit the creativity of our community and that is against the whole principle of such events.

Congratz again to all who took part in this event

James [Aza]
How can only one submission limit the creativity within the community? One submission should be enough.
As for this competition, I fail to understand why I wasn't a winner and I most certainly fail to understand how a person could win a place if they posted consecutively, when it states it in the rules.