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    Welcome Psy-Captains,

    For our second Mutant Spotlight, we're pleased to present to you WRATH !

    Do share with us how you would use this mutant and tell us what you though of this video in the comments below.

    The MGG Team

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    Not gonna lie, he doesnt look very potent... design is wonderful however his usability seems rather limited..

    I can think of a decent Orb combination off hand that might work to a degree that would capitalize his defensive nature but I really think that being *Tanky* doesnt quite fit the name nor the design... with that said....I would definitely run him with 1 Health orb, 1 Shield orb, and for the special orb slot I would either put Boost or Speed... all orbs at the highest available to maximize his Tanking potential..

    Hes highly susceptible to Cursers and Boosters however... that speed tier leaves a lot to be desired..

    I am looking forward to the rest of the set, seeing as we have Glutton in the Pedia, Wrath in the shop... cant wait to see what the other Sins look like

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    Una pregunta como rayos obtengo los links para hacer fan art porfavor me los dejas

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