Hi Guys,

I am sorry if there is already a similar thread , but i looked and didnt find it.
This is to those who have plenty of tags but are not satisfied with the quality of your tags.

I would like to establish a zone where (active!) high evo Tags Can find each other.

Everyone who:
1) Has a 100+ EVO - and
2) Has a 200+ Fame LEVEL - and
3) Is ACTIVE and maintains a usable TAG

is very welcome to present themselves here!
The others - please be so kind - respect this rule and stay clear of this thread.

To keep things simple , post
- Your current EVO, Fame and Tag
- with a SCREENSHOT of your MGG starting screen!

I myself am a EVO 140+ , FAME 200+ regular player, that will never have a zombat , an autonorush etc as my Tag

post away...!