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    Many mutants from Japan reactor felt hungry. But they want to eat Japanese food. So Bushi had an idea! He opened Japanese restaurant called "BUSHI SUSHI" to feed hungry mutants. They all enjoy Japanese cuisine: miso soup, sashimi, tempura, oden, or beef in sukiyaki and nikujaga. Have you already tried wagashi?

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    Not going to let you wander why this pizzeria won the 1-st place as "Best Pizzeria Of The Year". It has a huge menu with delicious pizzas that have secret ingredients and their scents can be smelled 7 universes away. But their main dish, the legendary one, that no one has ever tried before is made from the hands of these 3 superior chefs. I'ts toppings are not random or secret. they are the rarest ones that can be found only by these mutants. The pepperoni is made by the meat of 1000 galactic cows that were killed by Space Prince's gentle hands (u can see it from how gently she holds her knife). The cheese is made of the milk from the livestock that are only found on Starscream's star (yes, he lives in a burning gas over 100000000*C). And last but not least, the salsa! It's salsa is made by the best crusher n the arena Baron Urban! His huge black but really clean nails are the best tomato grinders. If you ask why, the answer is because these tomatoes are made of Baron Urban's genes which makes them full of proteins and XP vitamins. But be careful! Only the strongest PSY-captains can handle this legendary pizza.

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    by mmg

    thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnJo Robles Tupaz View Post
    thank you
    What is the meaning of this and what is mmg?

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    Granny's Grill Restaurant got *Two Platinum Stars* and offers unique cuisine, based on special grill kitchen powered by Grannyvore's Flamethrower.
    With help of Wrenchfury's chopping and pounding skills and some Gandolphus magic we create super tasty and varied food.
    Hog the Reaper provides us best quality meat, which we prepare in diferent styles and lots of sauces :)
    Our Menu:
    • Restaurant Special - Granny's Fire Steak: Grilled Steak marinated in Grannymade spicy sauce served with potato slices and salad.
    • Wrench Fury: Chopped and grilled steak served with shrimps and coctail sauce.
    • Gandolphus Shishkebab: Grilled chicken chops with onion, pepper and mashrooms spiced with magic.
    • Hog's Burger: Pefectly grilled beef with onion, tomato, pickles, salad and sauce placed in fresh bun.
    • Bag 'o' Fish: Grilled mix of fish and vegetables served with fries and garlic sauce.

    And much more ...

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    I think Starscream will own a shop called "Ice-scream" where the signature dish will be called Scream-Saber in which he will use his dark force to collect the ingredients to make some other foods instead of the ice-cream thing and he use his light saber to heat up the food to make his special Scream-Saber which is a melted ice-cream on a dish that looks like a light saber

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    Join me eat at KFC

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    Heres my entry STARBUCKS COFFE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenneth Legarte View Post
    Heres my entry STARBUCKS COFFE
    just go to this link !

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    prehistoric food : as everyone knows there are exotic meals but this restaurant are phehistoricas co main course as pricipal dish : dish rakki ( plate with agridulse flavor with little wasp with sauce and diesel ) for dessert we find carligger sauce rotten tomato) and chef managers are : the Fates main chef and his assistant hog the ripper

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