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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Joseph Vitulli View Post
    Gold Cursed Rider---Nickname-Blaze L24
    Restaurant-Blaze's Flaming Bar&Grill
    Signature Dish=Blaze's Fiery Undead Limbs
    Catering specifically to Necro and Mythic gene mutants, these limbs are collected off freshly killed Warrior mutants every day. They are then marinated for twelve hours in Blaze's Ghost Fire sauce, before being fried to golden perfection! Tossed in Blaze's Ghost Fire sauce, with a hint of Zoomorph, and Warrior gene blood, and garlic, these limbs are sure to make you feel like you've gone to 'Burn in Hell'. Served with a side of house made ranch, and Jack O'Lantern sticks. $3.56(+2.67 for each order after*). (Add a glass of Blaze's signature 'Burning Whip'-ped milk for only $1.55)
    *10 limbs per order
    Thank god there's garlic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScribalTurf View Post
    Their most popular dish would be the Tof-human Whopper Royal.
    via Imgflip Meme Generator

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenneth Legarte View Post
    I'm sorry Kenneth but we cannot access your submission :(

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    it should be square vally mutants with noodles steaks bones burgers for americans and anything they can imagine anything so the ingredients are very special it is the ultimate cheese *whispers* it is very special dont judge the chef :P* whispers* it makes every kind of food with the right kind[

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