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    [CONTEST] Mutant Food Court

    Dear Psy Captains,

    Mutants are not just famous in the arena! They have a lot of appeal outside of it. Particularly in FOOD ADVERTISING.
    Lots of people like using mutants to promote their restaurants and food, there's: Cocina Mexicatl and Kung Chow's own KUNG-FUSION restaurants.


    1ST PLACE: 1000 GOLD

    2ND PLACE: 500 Gold
    3RD PLACE: 300 Gold
    4TH PLACE: 200 Gold
    5TH PLACE: 100 Gold

    Choose any mutant(s) and create a Restaurant Name and a Signature Dish. Let us know what's in the dish and if there's anything special about the restaurant.
    Write a line or two of text: Is it fast-food or fancy? Is the signature dish impossibly spicy or are the ingredients rare? Let your imagination run like the words of a food critic!

    Any evidence of plagiarism will result in disqualification.

    Winners will be selected by the Kobojo Team.

    Your creation must respect the forum guidelines.


    July 11th at 23:59 CEST


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    Zortrex "el mejor restaurante para el mejor guerrero",plato principal pizzas en color rosa con mucho peperoni, tambien sirven hamburguesas con una coca cola por su compra de 3 hamburguesas,es un platillo excentrico y unico en este restaurant, es un restaurante de 4 estrellas el mas lujoso y un poco caro del juego ,solo los mejores mutantes, pueden comer ahi aparte de los psicocapitanes.

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    Urban Mutants Pizzeria, dueño Neo Urban XIII
    Platillo especial: Pizza Neo Urban XIII Ingredientes: Doble Queso Mozzarella estilo Cézanne, Peperoni, Salchicha, Jamón a la Kung Chow, Pimiento Gringo, Aceitunas Garlog, Champiñones al Fontanero, Salsa de tomate preparada al estilo Artemisa.

    Descripcion de restaurante: Es un restaurante estilo Italiano hecho especificamente para psicocapitanes y mutantes con platillos deliciosos que cuentan con ingredientes muy especiales. Uno de los mejores lugares para visitar luego de un largo y cansado día de batalla en la arena.

    Aquí la demostración: Urban Mutants Pizzeria, Isaias Flores Partida 03-07-2016.jpg

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic Omais Rana's Avatar

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    mutants restaurant.jpg Leonidas's and Captain bag o bones's FAST FOOD RESTAURANT.It is mostly famous because of its delicious and mouth-watering chicken dishes and fast food.The other specialty of this restaurant is that there are ALL GENES AVAILABLE in it.The signature dish is the DRUM STICKS,you can't just go to a restaurant and buy these.These drum sticks are one of a kind and made from a secret recipe.A man tried to steal the recipe but he was killed and his meat was fed to hungry dogs (cerberus).If you haven't eaten here then you probably haven't eaten anything.

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    En el restaurante de Bounda, uno de los mejores restaurantes que puede haber en el universo, nadie penso que su complice de comida fuera Tengu.
    Los dos hacen brazos rellenos de queso de humanos, el platillo especial es el "Narices asadas al BBQ" y la bebida favorita es "Agua mortifera"....
    Su gran lugar se llama "Tengus&BoundaFood's"

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    Gold Cursed Rider---Nickname-Blaze L24
    Restaurant-Blaze's Flaming Bar&Grill
    Signature Dish=Blaze's Fiery Undead Limbs
    Catering specifically to Necro and Mythic gene mutants, these limbs are collected off freshly killed Warrior mutants every day. They are then marinated for twelve hours in Blaze's Ghost Fire sauce, before being fried to golden perfection! Tossed in Blaze's Ghost Fire sauce, with a hint of Zoomorph, and Warrior gene blood, and garlic, these limbs are sure to make you feel like you've gone to 'Burn in Hell'. Served with a side of house made ranch, and Jack O'Lantern sticks. $3.56(+2.67 for each order after*). (Add a glass of Blaze's signature 'Burning Whip'-ped milk for only $1.55)
    *10 limbs per order

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    Mutant Donald Ori.jpg

    Genimal, Robo Fuerte and Arachno has a restaurant called Mutant Donald. MuDonald is a fast food restaurant. They provide Experience Juice, Mutosterone Soup, Lamburger (MuDonald special hamburger), Fried Rice, a Jackpot and Reactor ice cream for the desert. Robo Fuerte very like eating so he decided to become a chef. While Arachno is the waiter, he comes to the job with his friends too which is another arachno. Genimal is the manager of the restaurant, so he takes control of everything. MuDonald provide all kind of food for all gene type for mutant so don't worry, all food can be eated for all kind of mutant. MuDonald is very famous on his places because of the very delicious food especially for the Lamburger. It has incredible and strong taste. What do you waiting for? Come and enjoy our MuDonald! You want to live? Then you need to taste a life of incredible food!

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    Master Oida's Reastaurant Located near at the arena.The Signature Dish is the Lady Harpy.You cant buy this on online shops and other places.This dish is only ordered by rich people in the arena.are you rich?well it is worth 2100 gold yep pretty expensive!Well?What are you waiting for?Go Get some Lady Harpy now!. call 899-00-674-this aint a real number!

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    After retirement Captain Turk, with the help of Kung Chow & Bulldozer will open a vegan glutenfree burger-joint called "Thanks Living". Their most popular dish would be the Tof-human Whopper Royal. They'll even offer delivery service for as far as Venus and Mars.

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    Fresh meat only fresh meat! They very hungry when fight!

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    it should be square vally mutants with noodles steaks bones burgers for americans and anything they can imagine anything so the ingredients are very special it is the ultimate cheese *whispers* it is very special dont judge the chef :P* whispers* it makes every kind of food with the right kind

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