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    [RESULTS] Mutant Food Court

    Hello Psy-Captains!

    We were starved and now we are very much sated! Thank you very much for participating in this contest.



    1st position: Micha? Mym Mogi?ko
    1000 GOLD

    Granny's Grill Restaurant got *Two Platinum Stars* and offers unique cuisine, based on special grill kitchen powered by Grannyvore's Flamethrower.
    With help of Wrenchfury's chopping and pounding skills and some Gandolphus magic we create super tasty and varied food.
    Hog the Reaper provides us best quality meat, which we prepare in diferent styles and lots of sauces :)
    Our Menu:

    Restaurant Special - Granny's Fire Steak: Grilled Steak marinated in Grannymade spicy sauce served with potato slices and salad.
    Wrench Fury: Chopped and grilled steak served with shrimps and coctail sauce.
    Gandolphus Shishkebab: Grilled chicken chops with onion, pepper and mashrooms spiced with magic.
    Hog's Burger: Pefectly grilled beef with onion, tomato, pickles, salad and sauce placed in fresh bun.
    Bag 'o' Fish: Grilled mix of fish and vegetables served with fries and garlic sauce.

    And much more ...
    2nd position: HolyG
    500 Gold

    3rd position: Omais Rana
    300 Gold

    4th position: Anthony Joseph Vitulli
    200 Gold

    5th position: Mali Vladika
    100 Gold


    All prizes will be delivered via Private Message by the Community Managers.

    Thank you to everybody who participated! We hope you had as much fun as we did!
    Keep an eye out for new contests!

    Bon Appétit,
    The MGG Team

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    Thanks already spend the gold

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