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    How do you counter a triple buranka team?

    I was playing mgg when i knew for a fact i was gonna fight a triple buranka team so I tried to see how far i got with my buranka's (Really bad idea) anyway I was destroyed as i didn't even get to look at their stats so then I started to think... how would you take them down if they all had lvl 3 curse orbs. I used three burankas against 3 golden muddypeats(they were 3 levels higher) I annihilated them so that took a triple muddypeat team out of the question. Anyone know how?

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    Buranka has a big disadvantage. His spread attack make him vulnerable against retaliate.

    The best team would be:
    1 mutant with saber as first gene to make the buranka's attack with zoomorph. The saber must have retaliate as high as possible (RA-DK-Bot or Buck Maurice). Then 2 others mutants with cyber - saber combo. Because of the zoomorph attack, the attacks will be pafatic against those 2. 1 Should have high speed, best above 5.75 (the speed of buranka with speed orb level 3) and the other one also should have retaliate.

    The fast one is to be used with tag-attack. 2 buranka should remain, but should be heavily beaten with retaliate.

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    I agree with Burt, get mutants with either a saber or zoomorph gene and try to have retaliate if possible. I personally prefer to use a strong speeder with saber to take at least one of them out first then I follow up with attacks from the team of my choice which usually include Zoomorph as a first gene just in case Buranka has curse orbs and get first hits on my team. Wouldn't dare use a triple muddy team, too slow, too vulnerable.

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    Noted. Thank you for your replies:)

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    Muddypeat without orbs is slower than a Bakuran.

    This is just my personal strategy but I feel it's OK to pick something slower if it has a boost (i.e. Tricera Tank), I will choose a Galactic with a sabre gene as a secondary (mythic might get a 25% boost on the Galactic but it's also a -25% on my Tricera Tank), then I choose a faster sabre (i.e. Apex, Sunduke) and use a tag so I can take out one of the Bakuran (if your levels are similar 2 Bakuran normally can't take out 2 tank life mutants without hitting some criticals and with boost you should be able to take them out the curse should be less effective than your boost)

    Or...if you are of a higher level or have put speed orb on your own Bakuran, you could consider using that.

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    if a player has lower evo than you, you can use your 3 burankas with speed orbs. if its higher, then one fast
    preferably saber (buranka will use zoo attack) and two heavy hitter tankers (zoo or cybers) with retaliate

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    Triple Buranka always fail to my:
    Project X27, LV 3 SPEED (tag on "best" equipped Buranka)
    Buranka LV3 Speed, 1 LV 4 Curse
    King Steven LV speed

    They NEVER win, only 1, at most 2 get an attack in, afterwards, toast.

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    Kill triple buranka is terrible easy. watch this

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    Thankfully triple Burunka has a very recognizable gene/star signature so you can usually tell in advance if that's the team you're facing. My go-to team is:

    1. Namaste - faster than speedy Burunkas so she attacks first with spread attack, curses everyone and activates tag to kill one Burunka
    2. Retaliation spec Noren
    3. Retaliation spec Exo Cookie (could sub a retaliation Big Bo$$ or Gorthar here instead of Exo)

    Works pretty much every time. I can consistently win against teams +100 combined Evo levels above me with this strategy. It also helps that the tri-Burunka teams never seem to have a good tag for some reason.

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