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Thread: Meet my team!

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    Meet my team!

    Dear Commanders,

    Show off your favorite teams and tell us why!

    Here are mine:

    The LadyKillers

    The idea here is to target down ennemy heroes as fast as possible.

    The DamBusters

    Yes it's focused on health, but actually that just makes your unites so incredibly powerful ¤_¤


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    Stead Fast
    For taking out the enemy board; to break down combos, and lower the opponents time to plan their next move. My alternatives to Ken-uh would be Shura, Torr or Drall.

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    The All-rounders

    Flexible and proficient in both Attack & Defense :)

    I am a new comer in PvP and my team will surely change and improve soon!
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    Ok I'm not as far in the game as you guys seem to be but here's my team:

    Pretty fast and efficient!

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    Hello guys,

    I named my team "The One Shot Gamble".
    I have a very risky and aggressive team as all my heroes are yellow ones:
    - Torr
    - Isiaaki
    - Gyle
    - Drall

    I use Isiaaki and Torr (first one charged ) to start dealing damage to the opponent and then I use the wolf to launch units and charge again Torr and Isiaaki. By the time Drall is charge, I can easily finish my opponent.
    Those heroes are pretty low life so easily destroyable and if I have no yellow units I am almost certain to loose but I take the risk! :)
    This is not my best team but I like to destroy some of my opponent in 2 turns! :)

    See you in pvp!

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    Im still new on this but, here is my campain heroes

    And my pvp heroes

    Heal is O V E R P O W E R


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    I know this isn't showing my hero's, but how do I get the other abilities unlocked?

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    I like my Mean Green Team but this Team beats that with its coolness assassination programs. lol

    Chill & Die Team

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    My actual team I like to nuke

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    For more control I like to play konil

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