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    Your first impressions on Primal Legends

    Welcome to Primal Legends!

    First impressions count... and we would love to hear yours =)
    Please share with us your thoughts and impressions on your first few minutes and hours: constructive feedback really helps us improve the game to make it even more enjoyable for everyone!

    Thanks and see you on the battleground!

    The Primal Legends team.
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    I see no reason why this game will not become a great succes:
    - Setting and backdrop are great. Nice to play with animals, should also appeal to some girls
    - General art is very nice
    - Setup looks simple but works elegantly and very fast
    - Very nice combination of match-3, RPG in development of heroes and PvP play.

    Nice to haves:
    - A method to chat or at least send some sort of emoticon to PvP opponents, where I congratulate him on a match well done (or on his unbelievable lucksacking ).

    A few critical notes:
    - Learning curve seems high, you seem to reach a fairly hard ceiling around L15. I got to L14 FAST, as in 3 days...
    - Server stability seems iffy, I lose about 1 in 10 fight because either my opponent or I disconnect where there is no reason to.

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    Nice to haves:
    - A method to arrange the heroes in the Barracks. Maybe according to: Color/ rarity/ level/ ready to upgrade.
    - A way to discard chests to make room in the lockmaker's house.

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    Nice to haves:
    - A change log for today's update. A lot seems nerfed...
    - The possibility to edit my messages on the forum. Sorry for multi-posting, all.

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    Hi Destroyer,

    Thanks for all this, there are definitely some great suggestions in this =)
    As a fervent PvP player myself, the chest idea would absolutely be great x) I'll pass all this on to the dev team.

    James [Aza]

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    im stuck on the loading scree,
    im try to use wifi , 3g but non work plz help.

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    Hi Den,

    thank you for your message.
    Can you please contact support about this? (link is in my signature below)
    Alternatively, you can take a look at this page to see if we have a solution for you:

    Best regards,

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    ok im no longer stuck at the loading screen (caz im bought a new phone)

    first thouht about it after few try
    +the game have nice animation
    +cool soundtrack
    +awsome character/hero design

    -gameplay is kinda weird (similar to candycrush but weird, maybe some other people will love it more than iam)
    - i dont like the guy voice when he say "brutal" (super weird)
    -it still in early develop... so i could say this game is good for a new tester but need to improve fast to catchup with MGG
    -hmmm.... i think it need a little bit work on color minion (it look kinda boring)

    (sorry for bad english)

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    Hi! I have been helping another company do some changs on their game: Dragonsoul by Peblue... I have however been a long time mutants player and always keep an eye on what kobojo does.. First i was disapointed that pirimal legends was the type of game it is... then. Tried it, and i enjoyed it alot... However it seems like a skelleton right now.. Stripped to the bones with very few features.. The combat system could turn into something huge with tournaments and competetive play like heartstone or better... How about some guild vs guild festure.. How i see it.. This game needs alot more of stuff added.. Give us leaderboatds, seasonal contests.. Better friends lists and way to play friendlies/practice with friends... Not turn it nto a mutants pvp system.. Thats very boring in competing.. And more of a chore... More heartstone inspiration or even take some from the ongong olympics..

    Other minor things
    - let my customize my profile with a hero picture og my own choice after unlockng it
    - more spaces for chrsts.. I can barely play a few fights every day before immchest blocked.. Atleast give me some store purchase to buy much more chest space

    Also to note... I have just played this game two days and are level five

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    Very good game...
    I can fight with my friends?
    I preferred the balls in place of these icons because they can be confused with the heroes .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luigi Vitofrancesco View Post
    Very good game...
    I can fight with my friends?
    I preferred the balls in place of these icons because they can be confused with the heroes .
    Can I* (sorry)

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