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    Your first impressions on Primal Legends

    Welcome to Primal Legends!

    First impressions count... and we would love to hear yours =)
    Please share with us your thoughts and impressions on your first few minutes and hours: constructive feedback really helps us improve the game to make it even more enjoyable for everyone!

    Thanks and see you on the battleground!

    The Primal Legends team.
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    I see no reason why this game will not become a great succes:
    - Setting and backdrop are great. Nice to play with animals, should also appeal to some girls
    - General art is very nice
    - Setup looks simple but works elegantly and very fast
    - Very nice combination of match-3, RPG in development of heroes and PvP play.

    Nice to haves:
    - A method to chat or at least send some sort of emoticon to PvP opponents, where I congratulate him on a match well done (or on his unbelievable lucksacking ).

    A few critical notes:
    - Learning curve seems high, you seem to reach a fairly hard ceiling around L15. I got to L14 FAST, as in 3 days...
    - Server stability seems iffy, I lose about 1 in 10 fight because either my opponent or I disconnect where there is no reason to.

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    Nice to haves:
    - A method to arrange the heroes in the Barracks. Maybe according to: Color/ rarity/ level/ ready to upgrade.
    - A way to discard chests to make room in the lockmaker's house.

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    Nice to haves:
    - A change log for today's update. A lot seems nerfed...
    - The possibility to edit my messages on the forum. Sorry for multi-posting, all.

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    Hi Destroyer,

    Thanks for all this, there are definitely some great suggestions in this =)
    As a fervent PvP player myself, the chest idea would absolutely be great x) I'll pass all this on to the dev team.

    James [Aza]

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    im stuck on the loading scree,
    im try to use wifi , 3g but non work plz help.

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