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    11.08.2016 Patchnotes


    Some of the changes outlined below will be live on Primal Legends in several days. Changes already live will be indicated next to the balancing update.


    Attacks and Battlecry have been switched

    Torr – changes live on Androïd, and partially on iOS

    Attack now has a range of 7 units and will not reach any unit or hero exceeding this point

    Isiaaki - changes live

    Color changed to red but ability unchanged


    His ability now only boosts heroes during the turn it is activated, and does not cumulates. His overall stats have been improved.

    Gyle - changes live on Androïd, and partially on iOS (color changed but ability remained unchanged)

    Color changed to green, fixed an issue where his ability allowed charging his teammate’s primal gauge


    Now targets a random Hero for his boost ability instead of boosting the lowest health hero.


    Now targets all enemy Heroes in his column
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    Primal gauge has been decreased. Health has been decreased. Battlecry now grants health to Pyk. Ability no longer grants health to Pyk.


    Change of her freeze ability: during use it is greatly increased.

    Ken Uh

    Ability now impacts all enemy heroes on the board


    Ability now triggers a double batch of bombs


    Added a Battlecry, freezing a random Hero on the enemy board


    Deathrattle now affects all ally Heroes on the board.
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