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    Experienced player looking for friends to help lvl Heroes

    Looking for a group of friends to add in game and possibly on Line or any other chat app. We can discuss arena teams and strategies as well as send eachother heroes to help level up. For example if you use horus and i use Torr we can send eachother those heroes and help level faster. Good thing with me is i dont use very common heroes that you see everyone use. Like torr and horus...

    Some info about me, im Lv20, done with campaign, have almost all heroes (missing maybe 3-4), and can im very good at building arena teams so i can assist you. My current arena score last i checked was 872 and rising.
    Leave a comment with user ID or an ID for a chat app like line or something and ill add you.

    Mostly looking for players who have Rey to share with me. If you dont though its ok

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    38827. Thanks in advance!

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    Added you Mak. I send all heroes so whenever you request one expect the max amount from me :)

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    Add me in game : LordAntani

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    Add me thx.
    I like to play this game.

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    Add me to this party of friends. Xerkspking I.D. 160836

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    388410. I've had this game a week, pretty hooked on it. I'm level 10 - almost 11. I'm mostly looking for an exchange of tactics, but I'll donate of course as always. There are still a couple of mechanics that I'm foggy about, since the descriptions are quite vague, so I'd love to hear your take!

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    Oct 2015
    My I.D is 464510, MGG YK, please add me into this. I need some guide. Thank you!

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    Hi. Add me please. My ID is 41851. And if you want, I can add you to our group. We need someone like you to assist us there :)
    You can join us here

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    Hello my name is baby pain and ID is 662285 ... I would like to get new friends ... I am currently at level 11.. but eventually I will reach the top level.. I have already requested to join the FBI group using the link provided above.. hope to play and have fun with you all..

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    Had this game only 5 days and im already lvl 14. I have no donations yet cause i have no friends list lol. Add me 661473

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