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    Hiru Casting Twice

    Since updating to version 1.608, I've noticed that whenever I use Hiru's skill, it is immediately available for use once again. Essentially, his skill is going off twice on a single charge. As far as I can tell, you don't have to do anything extra to cause the bug, it just happens on regular use.

    Hopefully, this helps and I'm curious to know if it's happened to anyone else.

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    Hi JGH023!
    In newest update hiru could do twice and it normal. if not believe ya can read what is change here: for another heros too. Thank for reading!!

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    That is a great update. Hiru used to be too weak. Now it's just ok. He is too random, so it's fine for him to hit twice.

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    Hey, hiru now hits at least 1 target with 100%? After patch i didnt seen him miss (hit all 4 empty squares)

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    Hiru will completely miss with his attacks sometimes, if that's what you mean Skunkix. I've been running him a lot and sometimes his ability will airball.

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    It seems like they coded him to hit targets more often. I do understand he attacks twice, giving him a higher chance to hit a target but 2 people i faced were hitting targets 80% of the time on the same target. 1 fight a guy constantly hit my Borg, at least 5 times out of the 8 times the attack launched (4 primal activations). Then the next game another guy killed 3 of my heroes in 2 turns with Hiru. It seemed like he was tweaked cause my heroes werent even bunched up. Not to mention that borg and the other heroes that died all consume 1 square. I went from winning 90% of arenas to like 70% at best after update.

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    Hiru's biggest effect might be the hero size. I am only running one square heroes right now to limit the chance of getting hit.

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    i just found the video where he hit almost every attack. It was annoying. I dont know it i won or lost

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    Hi everyone!!!
    That all everybody say are not 100% true. I play Hiru alot but him have 80% miss . But the reason i play him not like everybody is not only want him hit, what i want is him body. Tough and annoying so that make him perfect for me. Don't so greedy want him 90% hit for only 30 red. Enjoy and thank for reading!!!(personal thinks)

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    Hiru appears to be more op now, they may like to decrease its hp or ita dmg if the hit chance was improved.

    I like a more often hirus in pvp he is a cool hero

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    It does seem like Hiru is much stronger now. I ditched him pretty early for better heroes but now he is a staple. His hitrate is not awesome, but he is a big load of HP and his activation cost is very low, any 3 reds will load him up completely. If I activate him 6 times in a turn, chances are good he will at least hit something...

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