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    [CONTEST] Share your #PLMoment !

    Dear Commanders,

    We’re very excited to announce a new contest introducing #PLMoment in the Community.

    Share your most epic #PLMoment on Social Medias for a chance to win 2000 Rubies!
    From today until the end of August, the Community team will select the top #PLMoment videos or screenshots shared on Social Medias every day, and grant 2000 Rubies to the 5 players that shared the most epic!

    What’s a #PLMoment?
    These moments when you’re playing and your inner voice goes.. YEAAAAHHH!! – that’s what we’re talking about here

    Some examples:

    • Completing a Quest stage at low health
    • Winning a close Arena battle
    • Getting a new Hero in a chest
    • Levelling up one of your favorite Hero
    • Make an epic combo of unit matches
    • Make an epic strategic move using Hero placement or abilities
    • Assassinate enemy Heroes

    How can I record a video of these?
    For our dear iOS players, you may need a 3rd party software for video capture – we will not advise use of specific 3rd party software.
    On Androïd, you can use Google’s recording feature – it even allow facecams!

    View our Guide on Google Recording

    How can I make a screenshot?
    Depending on your device, you may need a 3rd party software for screenshot capture – we will not advise use of specific 3rd party software.

    Where can I share these?
    Social Medias!
    YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, the Official Forums (this thread!), the Official Subreddit.
    Make sure your videos are public when you upload them on Youtube and Facebook!

    How will you find my video/screenshot?
    Make sure to write #PLMoment when sharing your video or screenshot, and we’ll find it!
    For Facebook publications, they must be set as Public or we won’t be able to view them.

    When will I get my gift if I win?
    We’ll get in touch and ask for your player ID in order to grant you the rubies :)

    We look forward to see your Primal Legends moments, Commanders!
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    Dear commander,

    Please not that this first edition of the #PLMoment contest ends on August 31st!

    Best regards,

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    Dear Commanders,

    We would like to thank all those who took part in this first edition of the #PLMoment contest that is now closed!
    However, we have enjoyed seeing your videos and screenshots so much that we will continue rewarding players on a weekly basis for awesome content: so don't stop sending in your submissions along with #PLMoment

    Best regards,
    The Primal Legends Team

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    my #PLMoment...
    lost that round with 1(CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? ONE!!) HP
    this game rocks
    PL ID # 448493

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