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    [Arena] Random Disconnected

    Hello there !

    Are you guys experiment some random disconnection in the Arena ?

    Happened to me several time , as i was playing WiFi or Mobile Datas...

    Is there any way to prevent disconnection or a backup solution ?
    Earning point in arena is slow so loosing point for any reason is a bit frustrating....(Specially when you are leading the hit point race !!!)


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    So far I didn't have any disconnects myself, but I did win a few fights because opponent disconnected.

    At least there are no rewards connected to arena points so it doesn't really matter if you win or lose, to me at least. If they introduce special rewards and tiers based on arena points in the future then it would be bad.

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    I got it twice in a row where it said I lost connection with the server but it had no problem reconnected me to confirm my lost of points.

    So I don't think it's a wifi problem since I could watch the video for the 5 crystals

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