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Thread: 600 Liu cards

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    600 Liu cards

    600 "Liu" cards, thats how many i got from the highest chest. The chest said it gave a little over 1k cards so over half of them were this hero. Shouldnt their be a limit to how many cards of a hero you can get from one chest? I basically spent real money for 600 cards of a hero i dont use. The other cards i got were also from heroes that serve no purpose. Just wanted to share my disappointment.

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    I bought the second to the highest because I'm too dumb to wait till level 21 eventhough I'm at level 20 dang. I also got heroes I don't use for now. Nway as game evolves and those heroes will have opportunities especially if their skills will complement new heroes in the future.

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    Are you sure it's not a bug? That doesn't seem like something that's supposed to happen

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    The game likely gives you 600 of the same hero because it wants chests to only have say 4-7 'cards' inside. You see the same phenomenon in basic chests you open of disproportionately clumped cards of low rarity, such as getting 14x of a common in a box with 20 commons. This is likely intentional, since they don't want you to have to click the chest for each common in the game as it would be quite time-consuming; they want to limit the number of 'unique' cards in each chest.

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