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Thread: Play vs friends

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    Play vs friends

    Hey there,

    I was wondering what the hold up is with the "vs a friend" feature, specifically..

    Is it to do with bots and exploit prevention?

    Someone needs to write a bit of code?

    Lower priority? (Than??)


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    Hi WizardTime,

    Actually it's a combination of several of the factors you mentioned: it's not a priority (to what? you will soon see), would take more coding than most people would seem to think and has to be carefully planned because of the exploit possibilities.

    That being said, this is definitely up there with the top things we want to bring to the game, unfortunately though I have no timeframe to share with you guys on this as of yet.

    Best regards,

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    To what? I guess "what" means guild? The community system of this game is too simple.

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