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    07.09.16 GAME UPDATE

    Dear Commanders,

    We're pleased to present to you our latest update to Primal Legends!


    The biggest improvement is the addition of the new Daily Gift feature: keep an eye on the white rabbit when you log in for the first time each day and grab the gift he has for you.


    The second big change is in PvP battles: the player going second will now get one extra move on his first turn (he will be able to perform 4 moves in his first turn).
    Our developers have also added the possibility of inviting your Facebook friends to Primal Legends, giving you a chance to bring your most trusted allies to the fight!


    Lastly, let's look to our heroes!
    We are welcoming the arrival of two new heroes: Kishu and Roku.
    Our artists have also been hard at work improving the appearance of many of our existing heroes.

    Do let us know what you think of these changes and see you very soon on the battleground!

    Best regards,
    The Primal Legends Team
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