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    Community Hero Creation

    So I had a idea to help you guys make heros a easier and engaging activity for the community.
    why not let us design hero ideas for you guys on top of what you already do you can even make it a contest and let a batch of community create hero (with y'all's approval) and let the community vote on which hero's they want to see make it from our mind to in-game
    Here can be a example of rules
    1. must be a original character
    2. must be entered with a description or a drawing(s)
    3. must have state rarity
    4. must have balanced skills according to rarity and if able to evolve skills relating and drawings and/or description of character evolution
    5.set amount of entries per account
    and of course a deadline and winner of the contest gets a unique versions of character in-game and maybe a set ruby prize

    do you guys think

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    This is a fun idea Rawbie :)
    We would live to see what you guys come up with!

    Feel free to share your contributions in this thread so we can keep an eye on your creations.


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    Well i have a few ideas, i was thinking about a team actually i just really like Pure Skill Heroes (aka luck) so i was thinking about a full random team: All of this team memebers are pretty good bards
    I will say Name - description - Colour - Rarity - little Lore - Skill

    Êro the Bard
    A skunk (didnt saw any till now, -im lvl 18yet-) with a tiny guitarlike instrument, something like a little Laud, dressed as a Jester (or Fool), with 4 black tatoos (or just dark hair) near his eyes (geometrical forms or w/e 1 up and 1 down of each eye). His Harlequin have 4 balls, 1 of each trop colour (red-yellow-green-blue).
    He should be a BLUE Hero.
    His rarity may be comun.

    "Member of The Forest Charmers, better known as Chaos Company, Êro started his musical carreer at very young age. Playing his Laud for coins and food, he always wander from tavern to tavern looking for heat and trouble. He loves to sing satire songs about some army or some king just to start a fight between the tarvern clients. He is one of the four founders of the Musicians Company, "The Forest Charmers"
    His skill is: "Improvisation(54mana):Grants life to all random allied specific colour" - This mean he will heal all troops for a random color (red, yellow, green or blue). The intial heal should be 15 and going up but balance is something we can discuss.
    BATTLECRY: troops around this hero will change its colour for a random one .

    Itö the Bard
    He is a Mouse(or a rat?), hes totally naked except for his Loincloth and his mask (drama mask with 2 faces). His upgrade may change the mask to golden and add him some jewelery. His lincloth had the 4symbols of the Êro face(may be the Chaos Company logo)
    He should be a RED hero.
    His rarity should be Epic.

    "As the weirdiest member of The Forest Charmers (or better knowk as Chaos Company), Itö make an excelent preformance as a flautist. No one knows where he learned to play, or where he got the instrument and the mask but everyone knows his lincloth was a welcome gif from the company to him (they just cant have him naked). He is one of the most impresive flautist of the world, and some people says, he may control you with his songs. His performance is something The Forest Charmers are happy with.....usually. Sometimes he starts playing songs backwards or just making sounds. That was expected he is really crazy.
    His skill: "Mind Control(80mana):A random hero on the board triggers its skill. Can be one of both player heroes" - This skill needs 2 heroes on the board (without him) to be cast, may trigger on allied heroes or enemy heroes. The targeted hero will cast its skill instant and the targeted hero will maintain its mana bar. Cannot be cast on himself or an enemey Itö, Ïto will not count as hero for this skill.
    I would love to discuss about the mana cost and rarity of this hero.
    BATTLECRY: troops around this hero will change its colour for a random one .

    Oh'ta the Siren
    She will be an owl, or some bird (but with no much colours, maybe a sparrow) dress and hairband with clear colours (like light purple) and both things must have the company logos. Hairband may have it on silver and dress on black. Upgrading her may change both to golden.
    She should be a YELLOW Hero
    She may be Epic, Rare or Legendary.

    The most beautiful member of The Forest Charmers, Oh'ta enchants everyone who may be listening to her. Most folks where the Chaos Company have visited say she is an Angel who forgot to fly; other people say she is a powerful wich with a prescious voice, but all people agrees in one thing: When you listen to her your troubles disspaears and the empy spaces fills with joy.
    Her skill is: "Heartwarming Melody(50 mana):Steals the mana of a random enemy hero and fills a random alied hero mana bar . -Cannot be targeted on herself, cannot use if there is no enemy heroes or allied heroes(beside her)on the board, it will empty the enemy hero bar no matter if your hero filled its bar (example, if you drain an Huron and fills an Hiru, Hiru will fill just to max mana bar and huron will drop to 0,) Will always target heroes on the boardCannot be ussed if all allied heroes have full mana bars or if all enemy heroes are with 0 mana - Lets make a point here, lets asume you have 3 heroes(and her). 2 heroes have full mana and you use her skill. IT MAY HAPPEN the drain you do targets an allied hero with full mana bar. This means if you are using her to fill the last heroe mana bar you are wrong. You will still have a 1/3 chance to get targeted with that hero despite how much of mana may it have. But the enemy hero will got emptied anyways. Last thing: Draining an enemy doesnt mean you will get full mana bar. (If you drain a full mana Hiru and her targets your Huron ,you will only get 30mana)
    BATTLECRY: troops around this hero will change its colour for a random one .

    Well thats for now, English its not my native lenguage so if it is a bit confusing just ask. I wish you like my idea, i really like random and chaotic neutral heroes on games :P

    This should be a lame preview of Êro and Itö (sorry i made them on paint)

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    I would like to add 2 more heroes,
    Remember guys you can change whatever you like from them, they are just raw ideas.

    Li Si the Diplomatic
    He is a Pigmy slow loris, big eyes serious/angry face, dressed with some chinese robes and this kind of chinese hat
    . He must have some scrolls behind its back and holing a pen or a brush.
    He should be a Yellow hero.
    He may be a Comon Hero or a Rare Hero.

    In the board he is 2 vertical tiles length.
    Since he was a cub, he was taught with everything about politics, economics and war, inside the Palace Library, assuring he will be prepared to be an exelent adviser. He was taught too with solid discipline. Not a single noise must be heard when is inside the Palace Library.
    Diplomatic, Counselor and best friend of the Great Emperor, he traveled all way to Theria to forge new alliances.

    His skill: Quiet!: Silence Hero units on specific rows for 3 turns. // How will this silence work? well, at least on this hero silence will be an AOE. It will work like the burn from erys: silence "cloud" will be on the specific tiles from some turns. Silence will prevent hero units to cast. Silenced units may move and may gain mana. If a silenced hero moves out of its aoe, he may cast. Efects like pasives, deathrattle or battlecry does not work inside the silence aoe//
    The aoe will work according to its position from a mirror way. If he is on 1-2rows his silence will be on enemy's 1-2row. Explaining images here!

    His gauge may be 61Mana

    Battlecry: none

    (optional)Pasive: +1 to maximum enemy mana gauge (this maybe its to op for this hero)

    Nicolas the Plague Doctor
    (im surprised this desing ist here yet)
    He will be a Crow or a Vulture, wearing a GentlemanHat, a nice cane like this and scientist gogles like these(but purple glass instead of green glass).
    He may be Green Hero or Blue Hero
    He should be a Rare or Epic

    didnt think lore sorry lol

    His skill: Antiseptic Shot: removes any negative status aliments from allied board. // This mean all negative status like Burn, Frozen or Silence will be 'cured'(removed) from the board despite how much turns they have left.
    Gauge: 70mana

    Pasive:allied heroes cannot be affected by negative status //This mean if an alied hero is inside the Erys fire, he will not be damaged for burning despite he is inside erys aoe. He will be damaged for the initial damage but not for the burning. If the allied hero is inside the silence he may cast.
    This pasive does not work for Nicolas itself, he may be silenced or frozen//

    If something is a bit confusing just ask.

    Hope you like this ideas

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    Hello pals, i have another post to do.

    She just may be a kishu's antagonist, just for fun and some new team variations.

    Maladi the Vodou Priest

    She may be a Hyena (could be cool by may pick another animal if you like.) dressed with some stuff like this.. She could have some staff like this, a hat like this or this, or she just may be painted like this dude(Dazzle!)
    I will point i dont know nothing about this religion, im just blending some stereotiped stuff

    Im not sure about the colour. A red hero could be really good, but i fear it will make her overpower cuz she will be easily placed on a team to make it multicromatic. Maybe she should be green or blue. But seeing a few more red heros on pvp will be like a cool thing.
    Rarity Rare or Epic i guess, to be honest i dont know.
    In board she may be 2 squares horizontal

    anything you like

    Her skill: Mass Enfeeble: enemy basic units become 4/4.
    Wow wow wow wow hold it there pal, this mean if some unit is healed like 107/5 will become 4/4? Answer is YES. This may be overpower, to be honest i need help thinking this out. Original idea was something like 1/1 but that would be overpower and 1/5 would be really overpowerd, 5/5 may do her useless (i supose), So i decided 4/4 may be a bit more balanced.

    Her should be like 70 and going down at leveling her up.

    But i believe her gauge and her colour must be DIRECTLY tied to the debuff amount (x/x)

    Is something its a bit confusing, just ask.

    Hope you like the idea


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    I don't have full hero but some kind of abilities that are interesting (BC - battlecry or might be deathrattle, P - passive):
    - BC or DR: for next turn you cannot lose game
    - BC: unfreeze all your units and heroes
    - kind of hero with really, really good stats, but with DR : you lose the game
    - BC: in next turn units cannot be buffed
    - BC: destroys himself and random enemy hero (kamikaze style)
    - BC; deals damage to you and enemy player
    - P: for each X damage you deal you gain X life (like for 5 dmg you gain 1 life)
    - BC: you change control of this hero with random enemy hero
    - P: at the start of your turn gain X life
    - BC: until your next turn heroes cannot be used
    - BC: deal damage to random hero (even yours including himself)

    Just some examples.

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    I will post a few more ideas today.
    The first 3 heroes are like some dudes from the rat king after event.

    Fumi the Smoker
    She/He is a RAT. Must be dressed like a ninja (full body), only part we see is Its tail, eyes and hands. It will be standing (if posible) Holding 2 Smoke Bombs (like that but less asian, just a ball with tiny smoke leaking). Should have a dagger or something sharp on the belt.

    A Red Hero.
    Rarity i suggest is Common.

    She/He is supposed to be blind and be faimily related with Dawn. Fill other with w/e.

    Skill: Smoke Bomb: A 3x3square of smoke is throwed on enemy field. for 3 turns //Smoke squares are like erys squares exept they do not damage and enemy CANT see what is inside. He may move anything inside and (if lucky) can make a combo inside. Heroes inside smoke screen does not recieve any particular change, just you can see them but if you spam tap on the cloud you can trigger it if its with full gauge. TLDR: Smoke only prevents visual strategy. Explanation image
    Smoke stays on field till end of turn duration, does not affect if Fumi is dead or alive.

    Battle Cry: Nope
    Death Rattle: Nope
    Pasive: Nothing

    Gauge: 50

    The voice of summoning would be nice if says something like: "You Can't Fight What You Can't See..." And you know what would be REALLY COOL? If the voice is in stereo like "you cant fight" on left and "what you cant see" on right. could be really good on headphones.

    Dawn the Venomist
    A Green Hero (not sure about this colour actually)
    He is a rat, dressed like an rpg thief but holding at least 1 dagger like this (or like Hirus dagger) with the edge or point with some liquid colour (poiting its embedded with poison).
    Rarity: Common. or Rare

    Anything you want but would be nice if he is Fumi's Brother.

    Skill:Blinding Poison: 2 random enemy heroes got blinded for 5 turns or till enemy hero Cast. Does not stack..// Blind:50% chance of failing when casting a skill. This mean you got blinded with Konil and you cast you may > normally cast skill or >fail to cast skill (your gauge got to 0)

    Battle Cry: Nope
    Death Rattle: Nope
    Pasive: Nothing

    Gauge: 60

    The voice of summoning would be nice if says something like: "You Can't Fight What You Can't See..." And you know what would be REALLY COOL? If the voice is in stereo like "you cant fight" on left and "what you cant see" on right. could be really good on headphones.

    Spidey the Poacher
    Another Rat. Hes the last of 3 rat heroes i got in mind for now. He holds a rope net with one hand and a wooden spear on the another hand.

    I dont know what colour he must be. For now most CC is blue but another colour for cc should be nice. I would like to see him as a red or yellow hero. But this can be discussed ofcs.
    Rarity: Rare Hero.

    Part of the gang of the last 2 rats. He must not be familiy related with Fumi/Dawn. Anything you want for other.

    Skill: Cath you!:Throw 6 net to random enemy units for 2 turns. // Units (or heroes) hit by the net becomes Webbed. Webbed enemy units cannot be used on combos. Heroes hold on the web may cast if gauge is full. Webbed units are stuck on the board for gravity fall like frozen status. Webbed units may be moved but will consume 2turns instead of one.

    Battle Cry: Nope
    Death Rattle: Nope
    Pasive: Nothing

    Gauge: 60

    Enough of rats for now.

    Sol the Son Time
    He is suposed to be a child or something young like Liu. He may be a sand fox. Would be nice to see he dressed like an egiptian dude or something like that. He should be holding in its head (its forehead like resting it) this mask. He must not wear it. Why not wear it? Easy he have some Sun tatoo(or another fur colour) bellow his left eye.
    A Green hero.
    Rarity: Common.

    He is an aplyied student of the Temple of Time. He is Luna's twin brother. Anything else you want.

    Skill: Time Flies!:Increase the activation skill of summoned allied heroes. // Its a low buff like 3%/6%/9%/12%/15%/18% going up after 2 levels.
    This buff stacks. This buff get neglected if Sun dies.

    BattleCry: nope
    Deathrattle: Decrease the activation speed of summoned enemy heroes till the end of the match. // The lowered speed will be directly proportional to the buff level speed from skill.(for example if he is killed and he is lvl 9 the enemy heroes will get a -12% speed)
    Pasive: Tic Toc. After 5 minutes of beign sumoned he will trigger a dialogue: "tic-toc-tic-toc..." //(yeah this one stupid idea but i think it will be cute)

    Gauge: 50

    Luna the Daughter of Time

    Se is suposed to be a child or something young like Liu. She may be a sand fox. Would be nice to see her dressed like an egiptian girl or something like that. She should be holding in its head (its forehead like resting it) this mask. She must not wear it. Why not wear it? Easy she have some Moon tatoo(or another fur colour) bellow her right eye.
    A blue hero.
    Rarity: Common.

    She is an aplyied student of the Temple of Time. She is Sol's twin sister (pst she is older, second on born). Anything else you want.

    Skill: The Slow March: Decrease the activation speed of enemy summoned heroes. // Its a low debuff like 3%/6%/9%/12%/15%/18% going up after 2 levels.
    This debuff stacks. This debuff get neglected if Luna dies.

    BattleCry: nope
    Deathrattle: Increase the activation speed of summoned ally heroes till the end of the match. // The buffed speed will be directly proportional to the debuff level speed from skill.(for example if she is killed and she is lvl 9 the allied heroes will get a 12% speed)
    Pasive: Tic Toc. After 5 minutes of beign sumoned she will trigger a dialogue: "tic-toc-tic-toc..." //(yeah this one stupid idea but i think it will be cute)

    Gauge: 50

    Like i always say all of this can be discused, maybe i got carried by the idea and dont think the balance issues. All of this are just ideas, totally open to modifications.

    Tomorrow (i guess) i will post 2 more heroes.

    If something is a bit confusing just ask.
    Hope you like this ideas


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    Before saying anything i forgot to explain something about webbed status. This kind of status its a physical status, this means it cannot be dispelled (like for example with Nicolas spell).Webbed cannot be confused with rooted status. Root is a magical effect, this mean its a spell and can be dispelled. Webs are physical effect, this mean its an ability and cannot be dispelled.
    Another thing to say, Nicolas should be able to remove Uku's poison.

    Now back to the new heroes.

    Adrien the Sly
    He is a fox, typical fox(ignore the point image is a she) He should be dressed like a pirate but he is not. i just dont know how to call that clothes lol. Something like this . Must have some knife or dagger visible.

    He should be a red colour hero.
    His rarity should be RARE.

    He is a hidden member of The Forest Charmers. Even if he does not play any instrument he is one of the crucial members of the Chaos Company. Deceiving the folks of the town the company is visiting, he gathers the people around the bards, playing his role of a rich person or a powerful Noble.
    When the folks are occupied watching the musicians, Adrien softly and quietly grab the "taxes" for the show to unaware townies.

    Skill:Spell Thief:Steal a random enemy ability and lower it cost. Stolen ability becomes Adrien's ability till end of match. New ability got Cast right after being stolen // well there is not much to explain, it basically steals a random enemy skill. For example if there is a Gwen, a Hiru, a Drall and a Kishu he may steal the ability of any of them, this mean next turn he may have Drall blow, Kishu heal, Gwen ice rain or Konil ray, just one of them till the end of match. Stolen Enemy Hero does not loss it skill.
    Adrien colour becomes spell colour. Leveling Adrien lowers the new spell cost. Leveling him up may be -5%/-5%/-10%/-10%/-15%/-15%, etc. This mean if a lvl 1 Adrien steals a Hiru ability, Adrien's (new ability)gauge will be 33 ([35-(35*5/100)]=33.25).
    Stolen ability maintain its level.
    BattleCry: Troops around this hero will change its colour for a random one.(troops are never same as hero)
    Passive: Role Play: Change Adrien's Colour and Gauge same as stolen victim.(Gauge become modified based on Adrien's level).
    Something really really really cool about this passive should be if his cast dialogue would be the same dialogue as the stoled ability, but with Adrien's voice (like dodge this when stoled a torr or a drall ability).

    Primary Gauge should be 50 i guess. its a joker hero.

    If anything is confusing about this just ask

    Hope you like my ideas,


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    Continuing yesterday post:

    Windsailor the Cleric
    He is a lion, should be dressed like this. but remove hammer and add more white cloaks.

    Colour should be Blue or Green.
    Rarity may be common.

    holly path stuff.

    Skill: Protective Light: On a cross area, alied heroes cannot recieve any damage
    .(aka inmunity) for 3 turns. After cast, he cannot be moved till area fades out // Lets explain this out: when he cast his skill a + of light draws on board depending on windsailor position. This area should be the same lenght as hero, i though about he being a 1 square hero, so it should be a 1square line horizontal and vertical.The square where Windsailor is placed have no area of inmunity. Inside this area, allied heroes cannot be damaged, but if the hero is hit it can be moved (gravity works the same for inmune heroes -except windsailor-) To be inmune allied hero should be enterily covered by area. Enemy skills may target inmune heroes despite they would not do damage. Inmune heroes act normal, except they cannot lost hp. Inmune heroes can be healed. (Its really important to not be mistaken inmunity as Stasis.) The area stays for 3 turns on field. Field disapear if windsailor is silenced, frozen or death.. Gauge will go to 0 when the cast ends (for interruption by time or status).

    BattleCry: Powerful Faith: Become Inmune till the end of next enemy turn.
    Deathrattle: Nothing
    Passive: Steadly: This heroe cannot be moved by enemy damage. // I must point the hero cannot be moved by user move neither if he is casting his skill.

    Gauge: 60
    Leveling him up just give him more hp.

    This hero CAST it skill for 3 turns, this mean he is summoned and for 3 turns he is casting it skill. Gauge empty at the end of cast, he cannot refill gauge till cast is interrupted. Hero can be interrupted by status (like frozen). This hero cannot be moved by enemy damage, and cannot be moved by any medium when he is casting his skill. He is not affected by his inmunity area. Some Area explaining images here, here and here.

    Maleun the Artisan
    He may be an arabian oryx(like Farmer npc) with clothes like this.

    He may be a Red hero.
    He should be common or rare.

    Born in a poor family he learned his father's office of jar crafting. He become a really good artisan as he was growing up, but even if he was a really good artisan his sales were really low. One day on the marketplace he encounter a weird old man who congratulated Maleun for his works.Maleun asked the old man to buy one of the jars and the man responsed: "Your work is exquisite,i can see you really put your life in each one of them" the old man smirked; "i will buy you one of your best jars and i will give you all gold you will need to live like an emperor for the rest of your life and i will aks you to keep that jar but..." the old man made a pause "if something happens to the jar it happens to you. If the jar shatters you will die". Maleun tought it was an stupid joke and started laughin to the old man, but the happiness shut down the moment gold started to flow from the old man's bag. From that day to today, Maleun cares for his jar like his own life.

    Skill: Caring is living: Heals his Jar for 54hp
    BattleCry: Precious treasure: Summons a magical Jar on a random position. Maleun heals itself for 5000hp.
    Deattrattle: Shatters:no game effect could be nice to hear a crashing sound.
    Passive:Blessed Curse: Everyturn Maleun heal or hurt itself to 5000hp. If Jar is no longer present he will do 5000hp to himself.

    Jar : After beign cast the Jar will heal by 10 all alied heroes(and iteself) and alied user and will hit 15 to enemy heroes and enemy user every turn. Jar hp should be 450/1.
    If Jar dies, Maleun dies next turn. Jar cannot be frozen or silenced or any status. Jar can be moved.
    Leveling Maleun only gives more hp to his summoning.

    Maleun will be the first summoner unit (i guess), he grants inmunity till invocation is dead. Death pasive should be on jar and on hero (just in case maleun got frozen and jar dies, to prevent bug). Only way to kill Maleun is killing the Jar. Maleun will not have 5000/5000 hp, his damage hp will be like a normal hero, it may be something like 5000/250 after beign summoned.

    Gauge: 70.

    Khalim the Shaman
    She should be turtle or a frog. Dress as your will.

    Before continuing, this hero its based on Trall

    She will be the first MULTICOLORED hero, also knowed as White or Grey hero.
    Rarity must be Epic or Legendary.

    earth and hippie stuff.

    Skill Summon Totem: Will summon a totem based on the most used colour. //Lets explain this stuff. The idea is to create a hero with a skill variating on the color used. For this task her gauge will be really long and must be dividible for 4, +1 (gauge=[x/4]+1), it should be filled by the 4 colours and one of the four colours must be the most used to cast the spell. My idea is a gauge of 201 (or something like that), going down at leveling her up. (it will go down from 4 to 4). If her gauge is filled with mostly red, she will summon a red totem, if mostly blue she will summon a blue one, etc, etc.

    Battlecry: none.
    Deathrattle: Spiritual Bond: all active totems doubles it damage/heal/buff
    Pasive; Spiritual Bond: 5% of damage taken by totems is healed to her

    If she is mostly charged by red she will summon :
    Fire Totem: each (allied user) turn a random enemy hero is hit by 25. Also red allied heroes get +2 on damage (like asaro passive)

    If she is mostly charged by blue she will summon:
    Water Totem: each (allied user) turn a random enemy hero get his gauge slowed till the end of enemy turn. Also blueallied heroes get +2 on damage (like asaro passive)

    If she is mostly charged by green she will summon:
    Earth Totem: each (allied user) turn a random allied hero is healed by 50. Also green allied heroes get +2 on damage (like asaro pasive)

    If she is mostly charged by Yellow she will summon:
    Air Totem: each (allied user) turn a random allied hero get his gauge speed up till the end of turn. Also yellow allied heroes get +2 on damage (like asaro pasive).

    Summons may stack. All totems may be 100/1 or 150/1

    Gauge: 201 and going down at leveling up.

    Resume: She will summon a different totem based on her gauge filling. Totem have different abilities. Totems may be healed and may me moved.

    inb4 devs hate this hero

    If anything its confusing just ask
    I hope you like my ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skunkix View Post

    Khalim the Shaman
    [ ...]
    I must say a thing about this:
    Khalim summoned totems are randomly placed on board (just like Jar). Also when i said totems may stack i was meaning multiple totems of the same colour may be present, NOT to be literally stacking on place.

    Baozha the CraterMaker™
    He should be a Lemming or some roedent animal. He should be dressed like this. Should be holding some bombs or dinamite in both hands. Also his face should be like the typical explosion face from cartoons, but happy and totally crazy. Like this but insanily happy.

    Colour: Red hero.
    Rarity: Rare, Epic or Legendary. I personally think he should be rare, but your call guys.

    w/e. kaboom

    Skill: Knowledge is Powder; Baozha hurt himself and adds maximum life to his life pool . // Lets explain this out: troop life is the number on the left of the "/", its the active troop life. Life pool is the maximum hp of a troop, its the damage done to the user; are the numbers on the right of the /. For example Normal troops have [active life-> 5 / 5 <- Life pool].

    He should remove 30hp from active life and add 50hp to life pool.

    Battlecry: Arm and Ready: Heal himself for 450hp and adds 900hp to the life pool. // This mean, on summoning he sould be at least 500/900
    Passive: Second Thoughts: At the end of each allied turn he heals himself for 20hp.
    DeathRattle: Controled Explosion: Death damage is done to your enemy instead of you. // So if he dies he should hit your enemy for the Baozha life pool ( 00 / XXX< this number)

    Gauge: 36

    Leveling him up will actually lower his hp.

    Resume.The idea of this hero is to be a suicidal hero. Its suposed die fast to nuke the enemy hp. Even if his card stats should be for example "150/150" on lvl 1, on board summoning he becomes 600/1050. When hero dies you (probably) instanty win the game. BE AWARE if he is frozen or silenced he cannot trigger a deathrattle. This mean if he dies when frozen or silenced you will recive all damage from hp pool!!

    The next heroe was originaly created by our telegram friend Xerks!

    Clevior the Seer
    He may be a Skunk. Pick the animal you want. Should be dressed with robes and have some Orb or shiny stone.
    Hero colour should be Blue (we can change this out)
    Rarity may be common or rare.

    fill with anithing you want

    Skill: Good Omens: Activate units on his row // Should be the same as Rokus skill but horizontal instead of vertical.

    BattleCry: Foretold: Reveals enemy benched heroes till end of game // You can see what heroes does the enemy have on his bench.
    Passive: Saw it coming: Damage taken by this heroe is reduced // Something like 9%
    Deathrattle: None

    Gauge: 51

    Leveling this heroe up will upgrade damage from skill.
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    Mouflon/Big Horn Sheep
    Adopted brother of Erys

    two horizontal row hero
    Activates units in both his rows and causes one row knockback to any heroes in his path. If knockback isn't possible(heroes in back row), then damage amplified 1.5x.

    Growing up with Erys, he was always the smaller one and was bullied, but he trained every day and ate constantly.
    Each day, he would go outside and beat his head against the mountain, to relieve frustration. One day, the mountain moved. He had grown so strong, he could literally move mountains.

    Yama proves a great counter to Erys, as he can push him out of position and defend his allies.
    Deathrattle: dazes enemy heroes for one turn(unable to attack).

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