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    I have a few ideas for some powers. If you like, then please assign them to whatever characters.

    Mana Drain: Common version - Drain x mana from an opponents random creature.
    Rare version - Drain x mana from all opponents creatures.
    Epic version - Drain x mana from all opponents creatures AND restore to your creatures (colors accordingly if applicable).

    Tombstone: Common: Drop two, two square, tombstones anywhere on the board. 100hp each (Would act as a shield)
    Rare or Epic: Drop one four square tomstone anywhere on the board. When destroyed, it sprays four fireballs at your opponents board that burn for 50 each.

    Copy Cat: Randomly copy one of your opponents abilities. (Targeted ability would only be selected once, then it would reset next time primal gauge is filled, then another random ability would be copied.


    Hope this helps! Please let us know directly if you pick one of our ideas! Keep up the good work!

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    I like your ideas guys :3 hope the devs can do some stuff with all of our post!
    @Hnng, i had similar ideas on the past, look Itö, Oh'ta and Adrien maybe you can improve them! :)

    Lets post another heroes.

    Rah'Nok the Nigromant

    He should be a rat with some horrible skin disease, like leper or something like that.
    A red hero.
    Rarity may be Rare

    //fill with anything you want

    Skill: Zombification: A random enemy hero becomes "Zombie" for 3 turns. Prioritize healers units. Heal that enemy for 36 . // Zombie status : A zombie unit has increased healing done and recived by 50%, Healing becomes damage. This mean, a lvl 1 zombie'ed Kishu will hit all the board for 7 ( [5+(5*50/100)]=7.5 ) . A lvl 1 zombie Roku for example, would hit his column for 3 before activating them. ( [2+(2*50*100)]=3 ). A Zombie Cipaï would hit the user for 195 damage. ( [130+(130*50/100)]=195 )
    A non-healer unit like Torr will have his skill working normally but he will recive damage instead of healing if targeted for a healer unit. For example, a lvl 1 zombie Torr placed on center and healed by a lvl 1 Mori will take 36 damage. ( [24+(24*50/100)]=36 ).
    Zombie units will recieve (non-heal)damage normally. This status may not stack, if same hero is targeted twice before 3 turns, it will only refresh the debuff. A zombie unit "healed"(damaged) by another zombie unit, will still recieve x1.5 damage, not x2.25 damage. %50 buff do not stack.
    Zombie status may be dispelled. Healing buff disapears with the negative status, they are linked.

    Battlecry: N/a
    Deatrattle: N/a
    Pasive: This unit is affected by zombie status till he dies. This status cannot be dispelled. // Note here, this unit can be healed if frozen or silenced..

    Gauge: 65

    Sumodin the Rift Walker
    It would be really cool if he is the same animal as the dude who opens the chest on the city (is he a Chinchilla?). He should be dressed with a turbant or some clotes, like the bad dudes from prince of persia He should have some lightblue halo or something like energy.

    He should be a Blue or Yellow Hero (it will not really matter, as you will see).
    Rarity may be Common or Rare.

    We can link him with the Temple of Time

    Skill: Phase Walk: Sumodin and the first hero on his column will be send to another reality till the end of enemy turn. // Well, this may be a bit hard to explain. Sumodin and the targeted hero will become Phased. Units with this status will be on game and will not. Enemy hits will ignore hero obstacule (like there is nothing), but basic units will ignore that place, like there IS something (this mean, units cannot spawn on the same place a phased hero is). I will add some explanation images bellow. Phased heroes cannot be targeted by any type of skill, damage, heal, direct damage or direct heal. Phased heroes are unable to cast skill, unable to move, unable to recieve damage or heal, and unable to fill its gauge. Cannot be dispelled. These units will be literally in another dimension till the end of the enemy next turn..
    This skill will work as Horis skill: Does not matter if you place Sumodin on first row or last row, he will Phase him and another hero on his same column. He cannot cast if there is no hero in front.. He may target Allied Heroes or Enemy Heroes.

    Some explanation images, i hope this help you out to understand if im not explaining well: Image 1 - Image 2 - Image 3

    BattleCry: N/a
    Deathrattle: N/a
    Pasive: Wrong Dimension: Sumodin have 25% of maintain his colour after a phase walk end. His colour may change with equally same odds // This mean, after he ends the Phase Walk, he has a 25%chace of beign a red hero, 25% chance to be a green hero, 25% chance to be a blue hero, 25% chance to be a Yellow hero.

    Gauge: 50

    Scratch the headhunter
    He should be a Cat, striped if can. Some scars and badass stuff.
    He may also not be a cat and be the rabbit from the dailies (i dont know his name tho)

    Colour; Red hero.
    Rarity: Common.

    bla bla bla, Mont he'em rato, Fi' a mont, Fi'rah!, Ahgo 'prir, Fi'ir!, Tothi?, etc

    Skill: Bounty!: Scratch marks the enemy with most life pool. Marked enemy now holds a bounty on his head. Marked enemy has damage increased by 5% // If same hero is marked, it refresh the cooldown. Cannot be two marked enemy heroes at the same time. If somehow two enemy heroes have the same life pool, Scratch will mark one randomly and then mantain the mark if cast before the mark disapear. Cannot be dispelled. Mark mantains even if Scratch is dead. (only will do the 5%damage plus, not the stuff of Scratch pasive)

    Battlecry: N/a
    Deathrattle; N/a
    Passive: Rewards!: If a marked enemy dies, half of the marked enemy life pool is healed to allied user. Enemy life pool is done x2 to the enemy user. // Lets refresh. Life pool is the life an unit has on the right side of the / ( health >100 / 100 <life pool). Now, if a marked enemy dies the life pool of the enemy hero is going to heal your commander bar, and its going to hit twice to the enemy commander bar. Lets make an example: Lets supose a lvl 1 Huron is marked and, dies between 4 turns. He will heal you (user) for 122, and will hit the enemy (user) for 488.

    Gauge: 72

    Remember, all of these ideas may be changed if you want, the numbers, the names, the colours the gauges, all!

    I hope you like my ideas, if something its a little confusing just ask!

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    New Hero Idea

    I know y'all are probably getting sick of new heroes, but hear me out.

    I think a really good idea for a new hero's ability would be to nullify all previous buffs by heroes. This means if the heroes activation speed has been boosted, it will be reset to normal. If their resistance had been boosted, it will be reset to normal. All negative effects on your heroes would also be cleared. Perhaps even reset enemy heroes HP to their base HP if they had HP buffs through another hero.

    You could have this hero also do a small amount of damage to the enemy commander, but that might make it over the top OP.

    A hero like this would be a great counter to Rey, Tai, etc., but it might be too OP.

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    Kiyak the Fainting Goat

    Should look like a sorceror. I want him to be
    green or blue. Rarity level...common/rare

    Description: Part of the Goats clan. Unable to compete with his bigger and stronger brothers/sisters, he dedicated his studies to sorcery.

    Gauge: 60-ish?

    Battlecry: Makes enemy heroes faint (the heroes are not frozen, they just can be moved but their ability cannot be activiated)
    Ability: Mirror damage via tiles only. So basically any damage made by tile matching will be mirrored by the opponent. Does not affect heroes. Krys/Noren can deal 300 HP damage to you but it will not reflect in your opponent.

    Just an idea because I feel like there isn't enough evil goats

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    Walrus King

    Should be muscular walrus w/ a crown of icecicles

    3 space, vertical hero. 100 cost.

    Passive: takes no damage from blue troops(even from activation), and all friendly blue troops have chance of freezing,

    Power: charge all blue troops in front of him, including friendly and enemy.

    lore TBD

    Deathrattle: cryogenics. Player cannot be reduced below one health on the same turn Frys dies.

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    sorry i'm late
    here my contribution i hope you like it

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    Love to see all these amazing suggestions, thank you Commanders !

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    Guys these are great ideas!!! Keep it up

    Ill add to the thread a few more heroes:

    Bingci the trapper.
    She should be an artic fox. She may be dressed with heavy clothes, like Borg or Missar.
    She will be a Green or BlueHero.
    Her rarity... i was thinking on Common.

    She is a really good hunter fillthisplz

    Skill: Sharpen: She adds +30 to spikes final damage. Stacks. //Nothing to say here, every time she cast, the spikes do +30 damage.

    Battlecry: She fills the enemy Board with Ice Spikes . Her gauge is increased by 300% . //Spikes do 5 damage to enemy Heroes everytime they are summoned on board or they are moved.Does not affect normal units. The damage is done to heroes everytime they are moved (by normal movement or by skill). Spikes do not dissapear on hero death.

    Passive: N/a

    Deathrattle: N/a

    Gauge:15 mana // In theory, after battle cry her skill should be casted after charging 45mana.
    She should be 1 square.

    The idea of this hero is to be placed ASAP in board to poke enemy heroes when are summoned. She will hurt enemies placed on board and the ones moved on board. Her Spikes DO NOT hurt normal units. She may be a nice combo with Nara, Hembala or Wan and Xiao. If she dies her traps stays on board till end of match.

    Keikaruma the Swamp Champion
    He is a Cocodrile, badass. Not armor at all, just loincloth or some pants. He should have a weapon like this and a mallet like this. He must be strong like Drall.

    He must be a Green Hero, and his rarity may be Common or Rare.

    Something but must be from same place than Nara.

    Skill: Empowered Ricochet: Keikaruma will strike all the active enemy heroes based on his actual HP. Catching recoil will hit Keikaruma too. //Keikaruma will damage all active enemy heroes with a damage equal to the 60% of his hp. Damage is divided between all active enemy heroes. Keikaruma will loss 10% of his actual hp after casting the skill. This means, if he has 300hp he will do: [ (300*60/100) / Number of enemy heroes ]. If, in this case, there is 4 active enemies he will do 45 to each. If 3 enemy heroes, 60 to each, if 2 90 to each and if only hero he will do 180damage. Also, he will recieve 30damage for recoil (in this case).

    Battlecry: Heal himself for 100hp

    Passive: Reckless: This unit cannot be affected by defensive buffs. Incoming Heal reduced by 3% // This means, Keikaruma may be healed but he cannot be buffed by defensive stats (like rey, or Tai).

    He should have 2 squares horizontal and he should have inital hp like 200.

    Gauge: 60.

    Resume:This hero will be really strong if he is healed. More hp he have, the most damage he will do. In other hand, if he is injured his damage will be really low, specially if 4 heros on board. To avoid beign op i believe ignoring defensive buffs may do him killeable. He may be a good combo with Mirga or Styr.

    I hope you like this ideas, if there is something you dont understand or is confusing just ask.
    Any of numbers/colours/rarities may be discussed and changed.
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    My japanese heroes
    Animal:Zebra(in his pre evolution form he wears a traditional kimono,in his post evolution form he wears a shogun/samurai armor and his eyes glowing red and his pupils are missing).he carries 2 cursed katana
    Unlocked at:Exclusive hero from Japanese dungeon
    Summoning cost:115
    Cursed katanas strike:Launch deadly attacks at 2 lane within range(Damage:150X12).similar to Souhel's attack
    Battle cry:Removes all positive effects from enemy heroes(such as shield and damage boost)
    Death rattle:Kills a random enemy hero or launch a deadly attack at enemy player
    Passive:Weaken enemy heroes' power
    Story:Zamusai was one of the most dangerous and mysterious samurai in far east.Not much known about his past,but anybody who heard his name shall consumed by fear.After the attack of the forces of underworld who desroyed his homeland,he become a traveler and lead a group of some rebels
    Summoning quote:Prepare to meet your demise

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    I'm just doing some of these for fun and in hopes of firing up other's imaginations.

    First here, we meet the A'mole twins. Sons to their famous father, Wak A'mole. They seek revenge for their father's torture and are best played together, although not entirely necessary.

    Zak A'mole
    Rare: 1 space hero

    Should be a mole with thick glasses and a mallet raised above his head and headlamp on, facing slightly right.

    Activation cost: 50
    base health: 100
    Power: Whack back
    Pops up on opponents side and whacks 5 random spots for 25 dmg each. Enemy heroes that are hit are sent back to opponents hand and units are destroyed. All spots hit create a mole hill, making the spot unusable for 1 round(no units can fall in these spots and no heroes can be placed.
    Jak A'mole
    Rare: 1 slot hero
    Should be the same as Zak'a, but facing left and a pickaxe, instead of a hammer and d maybe holding a cherry bomb in the other hand.

    Activation cost: 50
    base health: 100
    Battlecry: Cherry bomb.
    Sends a random bomb through each of Zack'a's mole hills, dealing 25 damage to each spot surrounding each hill.

    Power: Unwhackable
    Deheal enemy units -15 in a row directly in front of him.

    Next up is the legendary Kangaroo, who has no qualms about hitting you down unda.

    Legendary: 2 slot vertical.
    Lubber Kang

    Kangaroo with a black eye, an angry look and fists up, clad in boxing gloves.

    Activation: 85
    base health: 300

    Battlecry: Sucker punch
    Punches a random unplayed enemy hero for 100 dmg, knocking them to a random spot on their board and deactivates their battlecry. (simply negated if none are unplayed.).

    Power: rope a dope.
    When activated, takes only 50% of the next enemy hero attack. and increases their activation cost by 10. (both stats go up when leveled.).

    Lubber Kang is the perfect guy to have in your corner against bides( oponents who like to hold their heroes back until later in the game).

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    Suggestion of a new epic hero

    Name: Spyke
    Race: young wolf
    Color: yellow
    Type: control & assist. Takes 2 horizontal tiles.
    Gauge: around 65
    Hp: base hp is 200

    Active: restore the amount of hp equaling 30% of its own maximum hp to both a random ally and the commander. Each target receives 15% of the healing effect.
    Warcry: remove one buff from a random enemy and place it on a random ally. No enemy buffs present the warcry is of no use.
    Deathrattle: remve one debuff from a random ally and place it on a random enemy. No debuffs on allies the deathrattle is of no use.

    How do you think about him/her

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