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    16.09.2016 CHANGELOG


    We're pleased to announce another round of balancing to many of our heroes.

    Here is the list of all the changes you will find in the game.

    Taï :
    Old Battlecry : Boosts himself
    New Battlecry : Increases speed of 2 friendly heroes
    Old Power : Increases speed of friendly heroes
    New Power : Increases life and resistance of friendly heroes

    Power: Damage decreased
    Health decreased (282 > 194)

    Power: Damage decreased

    Power: Also Increases power of not-spawned heroes.

    Old Power: Increases power of 1 friendly hero
    New power: Increases his own life
    New passive: Increases attack of yellow units.

    Power: Area of effect increased
    Activation speed increased (75 > 60)

    Power: Boost decreased

    Power: Boost increased
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    Power: Damage decreased
    Activation speed decreased (40 > 61)

    Battlecry: Boost increased
    Health decreased (150 > 100)

    Power: Area increased & Boost decreased

    Power: Damage increased

    New Battlecry: Deals damage to opponent player

    New Deathrattle: Reduces activation speed of enemy heroes
    Power: Chances of freezing decreased & Damage increased

    New Deathrattle: Deals damage to opponent player
    Power: Increases his speed also
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    Kiit :
    Activation speed increased (50 > 45)

    Hiru :
    Damages decreased

    Ken-Uh :
    Now also targets the player

    Shura :
    Super Attack damage increased
    Shura : Activation speed decreased (60 > 65)

    Wakaï :
    Activation speed increased (73 > 50)

    Gwenn :
    BattleCry and DeathRattle now freeze heroes during 3 turns.
    Activation speed decreased (63 > 61), but speeds-up when leveling-up.

    Gyle :
    Activation speed decreased (69 > 92)
    Health decreased (188 > 113)

    Styr :
    Deathrattle gives more life / Super Attack now also activates when another is spawned.
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