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    Nerfed many heroes

    Check out yours heroes they changes them primal gauge and passive without a post

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    My primary team is also nerfed all the way back to level 1 stats

    I sent in support ticket and just hope they can sort this quickly

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    Can we get any official info on hero nerfs Kobojo? I really don't like running into stealth nerfs.

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    Ones I have noticed that got nerfed are ...


    Boosted Heroes I have noticed are ...


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    and I am pretty sure Vernay also got nerfed

    and tai did get more or less nerfed not boosted

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    I use kishu,torr,gyle and drall in pvp last night i winn 12-15 match in a row ,last week i have 930 battle points in one week i up to 1180 now i have to change my pvp team

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    Hiru hits 68 on level 4 what the hell, it was hitting 93 :C

    Why so hard nerf O.o. Patch notes plzz

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    Asaro get change too. now he heal himself and have a passive

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    Yea and he goes off 2-3 times on 202 with 74 health each time, he got up over 600 with me before I managed to take him down with some lucky shots by a nerfed Hiru at under 100 health to win

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    I like some of the adjustments. I see many different teams in pvp. Nways those players that have their hero back at level one, hope support will solve ur heroes quickly. Cant wait to see in action. Happy gaming!

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    Hi guys,

    Sorry for the slightly delayed patch-notes on this one. We are working to improve this process in order to always get you the information you need before changes go live.

    Here are the patch-notes for this balancing update =>

    Best regards,

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