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    I dont know if you guys facing the same problem with me. I have got into the situation that I was actually winning in a game but by summoning heroes, the game just crash in front of my face. It only happens after the new hero balancing update. when they turn all the YELLOWs are sooo deaddd

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    After the patch i have a lot of crashes at the begining of the game. After the intial song when the 4 paneles closes i have sometimes 2 or 3 "primal legends stop working" issues in a row. When finally stops the crashes games work fine. I must say this crashes arent everytime but when they appear, they do a few in a row,

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    Hi there,

    I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing crashes.
    Can you please try the different steps described on this page:

    If that does not work, please contact us via our support tool for more help:

    Best regards,

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