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Thread: Need help.

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    Need help.

    Okay.. I really need help with my defense team. I'm at loss now of what to do to minimize the points I lose. There is nothing I can do about how absurdly ridiculous the point system is so what im trying to do is minimize the points I lose. I dont really get how I lose 20 points against players who is at least 3-5 evo levels above me and with same up to 20 or on some cases 300 fame levels above me and when I fight back against and by some miracle i win i only get 10 points and lose another 20 when i lose. I already tried every possible defense combinations but regardless, i really lose a lot of points. I started on the 1st day of this season at 3%, but following day dropped to 10% and it has continously dropped and at this moment im at 25% which i expect to drop further. It's really ridiculous how you lose more points against someone who is clearly way stronger than you, and despite several demands from players to explain how the point system works, the management just turn a blind eye to it. They have been introducing all these overpowered unstarred mutants yet they never updated how the point system works. So I really need advice as how to minimize points th i lose sinceit really doesnt mattter what team i put up, its bound to lose anyway.

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    I don't know what mutants you have or what levels/stars they are but if you have strong tags you can use try having a speedster and some mutants with either lots of health or attack (or both). Generally your best team should go into the defense team. I dont make a habit of changing my team after every loss just because no team is perfect. It also helps to battle as much as you can, since players in the top gather more points by winning more battles so it will affect your ranking if you aren't producing enough battles to keep up. I agree the points system is flawed to say the least. There isn't much you can do to minimize point loss other then maximizing wins the best you can. As for an idea on the point system a number of players have posted their findings throughout the forum and you should be able to find a few of them using the search tools. Best of luck to you! :)

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    hi i need help i cant play the game on my ios phone it say facebook passwort was change so i cant log on anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bent Kenneth Jensen View Post
    hi i need help i cant play the game on my ios phone it say facebook passwort was change so i cant log on anymore
    Hi there Bent, There isn't a whole lot we can do for you here on the mutants forum in regards to your facebook account. I know with facebook there are a few ways to recover your account, be sure to log on to the email you used to create the facebook and let them know your password was changed. The process should be outlined somewhere on the website. if you need to restart your mutants career be sure to add some tags in the tagzone to help you get back on your feet!

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