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    Recover Nexus Account


    My old phone stopped working and I reinstalled the game on my new phone. I'm trying to log in with the Nexus account I created but I seems I can't remember/figure out the password, Is there a way to recover/reset the password? I've tried my hotmail and my gmail account (I usually only use my hotmail but still it wasn't working so I tried my gmail since the game proposed that email the first time).

    My FB account is also linked to the game but it seems that is for an unused profile since it's only level 5 and I was level 34 with my Nexus account.

    Can you help?


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    Or maybe you could help. How can I link my account to my FB? My old game linked to my FB should be deleted. Is that something you can do? Delete my game level 5 so I can link my game level 34.

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    Hi Sirerik,

    Thanks for your message.
    Please contact us via the support so we can look into this:

    Best regards,

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