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    Exclamation Corrupted graphics

    I'm seeing corrupted graphics in a few places - some of the hero portraits, targets, and on the exit menu. Why? Playing using the Nox emulator.

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    I'd guess this issue is a Nox compatibility issue they would need to sort out, I've not seen, nor am I having those issues with Bluestacks, my phone or tablet

    I had trouble with Nox for a while with a few games doing this, thats how I ended up on Bluestacks and I'll be honest I'm happier with it than I ever was with Nox, Andy OS, Droid4X, Genymotion or Leapdroid

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    Thing is, it's only on a few images in the game, it's not every image, if it was a compatibility issue wouldn't it affect ALL of the hero portraits?

    I actually use both Nox and Bluestacks for different games. Avengers Academy has texture problems in Nox (character models and most of the scenery are solid black), so I use Bluestacks for that. Marvel Future Fight was crashing on the loading screen in Bluestacks, so that one needed to be on Nox.

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    The only thing graphic wise I've personally noticed with the game is when I evolved Maraar his picture moved to the left side of the screen. Kinda weird you could see the the cropped out bottom part of the picture.

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