Dear Commanders,

Welcome to Theria’s very first Community Arena Challenge!

From Today until Thursday 28/09, fight in the Arena with a team of All Blue Heroes or All Red Heroes at least 50 Battles for Glory and Treasures!

Should you represent the winning color, you will collect the spoils of war and win 50 Rubies and an Epic Hero: Erys!

Should you represent the loosing color, Theria’s Elders will reward you for your bravery and grant you with 2000 Golds and a rare Hero: Horis!

Rewards will be sent during the week of Monday 03/10.

There has been fallout between Blue & Red Heroes since the Gentle Mori came to Tyr bearing offerings of alliances, and was ambushed by Shura who stole the Peace Altar…
Word of the fight spread through Theria like wildfire, and soon enough Blue Units & Red Units were clashing even in their own ranks.
In the face of such disorder, Elders of Therias were called upon to resolve this dispute. They ordered a week long War between Blue & Red Heroes, whilst the winning color would earn the right to reclaim the Peace Altar.

Are you brave enough to take a side in this Challenge, Commanders? Will you restore order amongst Theria’s Heroes?