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    Dear Commanders,

    We’ve received many Gameplay questions on our Fan-pages, and decided to create this Hero Information thread to answer them all!
    You can use this thread to ask any questions you’d like about Theria’s Heroes, and we’ll do our very best to reply as soon as possible.

    When do Heroes visually evolve?

    • Common Heroes visually evolve at level 7
    • Rare Heroes visually evolve at level 6
    • Epic Heroes visually evolve at level 5
    • Legendary Heroes visually evolve at level 4

    Where can I get Epic & Legendary Heroes?

    If your Player Level is high enough, you may obtain any Hero in Chests!
    Heroes are also for hire in the Shop, where you will find a selection of a common, rare & epic Hero for hire in exchange for Golds, which rotates every 24 hours.

    How does a Healing ability works?

    Healing ability adds more health to your Heroes & Units.
    The added Health can help your Hero sustain damages longer, and survive attacks.
    Units that are healed, tank more damages (If a unit is healed up to a total of 30HP, it will not die until it suffers 30 damages).
    Units that are healed, also deal more damages (If an attack triggers a unit which is healed up to a total of 30HP, this unit will do 30 damages across your opponent’s board when triggered)

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    How does Activation abilities work?

    Activating units instantly triggers an attack, and the activated units will charge your opponent’s board.
    Activation abilities often boost units prior to activating them. The boost will enable units to inflict more damage across the board.
    The units that are activated will count in building up your team’s activation value, except for the Hero that activated them.

    How do power-ups abilities work?

    Some Heroes are able to power-up their team, enabling other Heroes to be more efficient when used later on the battle. The value and effect of the power-up is indicated in the Hero card.

    How do freezing mechanics work?

    o A frozen unit will not be able to move on the board, and can’t be triggered in any match.
    o A frozen Hero will not be able to use his ability until the end of the freezing effects.

    How do damage over time mechanics work?

    Some Heroes’ ability leaves lasting effects on the battlefields and it can be seen visually. The area of effect will inflict damages at the beginning of each turn.

    Where can I learn more about Theria’s lore and the story of Heroes?

    o You can find the biography of any Hero you own in game, by switching the display from stats to story.
    o All Hero biographies can be found on the “Heroes” section of our website:
    o You can also learn more about Theria in our Primal Legends video, directly on our YouTube channel

    What are the daily gifts and how do I get them?

    The daily gifts enable you to collect free items when you log into the game for the first time every day. Simply click on the rabbit in the middle of the village to see what he has in store for you.
    If the rabbit is not there, simply check again one day later.

    How can I ask friends to gift me cards? How does this work?

    You can ask for Hero cards from your friends, selecting one hero at a time in the letter box. Your friends will be able to send you a limited number of cards depending on your level.
    You will only be able to ask for Hero cards of Heroes you have already unlocked.
    If you give a friend a card, do note that the card you have given your friend will be taken away from your own card collection.
    If you do not own a card, have no more copies of that card or have given the maximum number of cards to your friend, you will not be able to gift him more cards.

    Did you find this guide useful? Let us know if there’s any more information you’d like to see, Commanders!
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    How change the eroes?

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    Hey why not put a chat ingame itself so maybe the game will be more popular.

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