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    Connection bug or?

    Ok i just started playing this game and i have this issue.when i am trying to connect with my wifi i have this error ''[668]Your connection to the server was interrupted. The game will restart''. I restart and and i have the same error again and again. But if i close my wifi and connect with my mobile data the game connects succesfully. Whats going on here? xD

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    I had similiar problem once, maybe not same but still. I just reinstalled game. You can try first clear cache and data, if that doesn't work reinstall game.

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    few days ago Kobojo give a small update with regards to this, kindly update with the latest version. If still it happens then right a ticket to Kobojo support team.

    Sometimes tapping it easy works and also before entering arena, check the ranking first then enter, it do a trick for me not to get disconnected.

    Happy gaming everyone!

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