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    Angry Delayed content on android app

    I dont know if its just me or there are others as well but content on my android app is completely delayed. Im so mad now since i busted my chances if getting a muddypeat since i used all my gold on mutant slots hoping to get a good mutant, worse is I paid fir the FULL PRICE OF 350 GOLD per spin for 3 spins. Normally content updates at 3pm gmt+8:00 on our timezone but yesterday it didnt happen and daily offer still shows a kaiju kitty. At around 6:30pm i got a cursed rider from breeding dug dario and humongous which filled a line on the bingo giving me 1000 gold. At 3:30 am I spun 3 times and got Paramic, Xenarach and Wampara respectively. Then this morning at 6:30 I logged in the browser version of the game and saw that 5 hours ago they made an announcement tt gold cosr was cut in half and token were reduced to 10 per spin. And when I checked daily offer it has muddypeat with 8hrs left on shop. Well that is perfect since i just spent my gold for 3 spins for crappy mutants when muddy is on sale. All of that thanks to the frealing android apps delayed content update. I missed Noren now im gonna miss Muddy. Perfect, just perfect. Not to mention I paid FULL PRICE PER SPIN for mutant madness slot when itnwas supposed to be down to half already. Geez.
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