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    Profile Question - Cards Sent

    What is cards sent?

    Is that the total number of cards sent or just between friends?
    Does that mean he has never sent anyone cards?
    Have I never sent him cards?

    Just want to clarify for myself and a couple friends

    My understanding is you gave us a way to see who is just leeching and useless as an ally

    Adding something to the beginner thread to encourage sharing might be helpful to everyone in the long run and a Facebook post might encourage existing players to look into gifting more. Quite disappointed with many of my friends if I understand this properly

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    his never sent a card bad friend

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    Im sorry for all my previous friends i deleted in my frienda list because of the same reason not sharing anything only asking. I think i already gave hundreds of cards already so hope they understand.

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    None of my friends sent. In sure its buged.

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    No, it's NOT bugged.

    Friends that give as shown as having given cards. I had 20 friends and now I have 8. If your normal "received" is higher than your "sent" then that person sent you cards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manuel Chu View Post
    his never sent a card bad friend
    Good news is that person is not real, I cobbled that image together using a few friends so no one felt targeted, bad news is the friends I used to make it aren't much better

    Quote Originally Posted by Meo View Post
    If your normal "received" is higher than your "sent" then that person sent you cards
    Any idea how we can know what we've sent?

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