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    We created a Telegram Group Chat !

    Sup guys!
    With Manuel Chu we created a Telegram Group chat, im going to post it here cuz general section its a bit much more popular than other sections..

    The idea its to have a nice group chat where we can discuss about the game, make suggestions for a team, give tips, talk about our favourite heroes, share screenshots and know better each other for a posible future arena battle.
    Telegam is a free chat app and you dont have to share your phone number to get add, just the nick.

    If any of you would like to join, just find me @skunkix, @Kenfa for Manuel or just open This link with a phone or pc with telegram instaled.

    See you around,

    This its just a formal edited duplicate of this thread. on a section with more views.

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    Join our telegram group chat many good players they have done

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    Hi new or old, veteran or rookie. No bias just group of people that share and having fun together in this game. Join us now as you are all invited. C u in the chat room. Happy gaming!

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    Great group, good people! I've enjoyed every minute and learned allot more than I expected to when I installed telegram. Thanks for creating and maintaining the group guys, I personally appreciate it more than you know

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    Remenber to join and chat with top 100 players

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    PG is growing, we might stop recruiting soon but for now everyone is open to join so, join, have friends, learn and play with friends while opportunity lasts.

    C u and happy gaming!

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    hi guys, just want to bump this thread. if anyone still interested u can still join the group. happy gaming!

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    Join Primal Gods [PG] and chat with others players

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    im chinese telegram is blocked in china
    do u have wechat ? how to @skunkix

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    xers did not answer pls tell him send me a message thx

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