Are there any plans to fix Kane's exploit?

Its getting annoying seeing him boost my opponents Drall, Mori, Torr or whatever 150+% just by dropping Kane first. I am hoping this isn't how Kane's supposed to work ...

I've had an opponent earlier tonight drop Kane followed by Mori then Tai followed by Roku to reactivate Mori then activate Kane and Mori's boost was 89 to each unit! The Kane was level 6 and the Mori was level 7 or 8 I can't remember which but that is insane that's a single boost from Kane's activation and well over 200% boost. The teams with Torr and Drall are even worse with that kinda boost able to put 1000+ damage anywhere they want if played right.

Kane should only affect heroes in play when activated not sideline heroes not in play. This will fix the imbalance and should correct the exploit. His boost is simply too good to apply to anything not in play, other heroes that boost do not boost the sideline and with his boost staying after activation he's still effective.

Just getting tired of having to struggle to do damage to regular units for 3 turns just to have my opponent drop all his heroes at once and remove all my health before I get a chance retaliate. Some people using this exploit are real trolls too and sit with all 4 heroes ready for a couple turns just for laughs and giggles waiting until you get them low and then 1 turn kill just cause they know they can with this exploit. Bleh, been trying not to rant anyway, will it be fixed?