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Thread: Kanes Exploit

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    I think this is not an issue of balance but of fixing a bug. Styr may need a boost but lets not base it on a bug.

    In the present form you can in one turn have easily up to x4 boost a hero which, even despite the strange math, is greater than a single boost from Kane, if I'm not mistaken. And that's a boost that does not disappear as Kane's so it's quite good, although a bit slower..

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    Styr doesn't need a boost.

    The way to use Styr is as a shield and hope he dies a quick death. He grants a 300HP boost upon his death (level 256 is so hard to beat because of him).

    But since I've gone with an all yellow team, I really hate seeing Kane. I just got dealt 1000+ HP damage in one round.

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    Also Styr has less HP compared to Kane. and more vulnerable because of his 3 slot length

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    They way Kane is set up now is fine. The issue is that his power is way too OP. At only level 6, he boosts 51% which is ridiculous. This should be cut in half.

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    No, it's not his boost that is the problem. It's the way he is set up, his power isn't OP if when you put him out for the first time his power gets used up/remains inactive.

    People are not putting any heros out until Kane is ready. Put Kane out = +40-50% the moment their hero comes out afterwards. Use Kane again for another +40-50% on top of that making Torr or whoever hit 200% or Tai heal 200%

    If his powers doesn't activate but kept on reserve, so when someone puts out a Torr it only hits 100% like it's suppose it, It would not pose a problem at all. Right now everyone is HIDING their heroes until Kane is ready so they are hitting 150-200% when it's their turn and if they are lucky they can get 1000+HP in one round.

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    he should drop the bar after placed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skunkix View Post
    he should drop the bar after placed
    I'm fine with him not dropping the bar like Horis but his ability shouldn't be active than.

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    Why would he be the only hero that doesn't activate his bar once put on the board? As far as I know all heroes activate their ability moment they are on the board. He should activate his ability once dropped on the board, but his buff stays activated on heroes until they activate their ability for the first time. That would still make him useful but not broken as he is atm.

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