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    Fankit Material Request

    The Fankit is very nice and we love it but sometimes we want things that weren't included in earlier Fankit releases. please use this thread to request additional material you would like to see in future Fankit releases

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    I would like to see the team of NPC's our team starts with, the shewolf, the squirrel and the stag would make nice additions to the Fankit in my opinion

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    All enemies and allies npc would be exelent, angry racoon, princess kishiaa, the farmer, the elephant diying dude, panther inquisitor, wan and xiao, etc. Plzzz.

    Question, whats the hanzi from wan and xiao? 顽 n 小?

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    Halloween Stuff

    Would love to have Halloween Portal skins for the heroes and the MP3 audio for Portals would be great too

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    New hero skins would be sweet to if Shi Chasqa Uku and Cipai could be added would be great.

    Halloween stuff is really nice and building skins and the Portal chest in transparent would be too sweet ... if we are allowed at least understand if we can't have them though

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    Thank you for your requests. We have updated the fankit with as many of these as we could.

    Enjoy =>

    The PL Team

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    Awesome update to the Fan Kit thank you James really appreciated going to see if I can make some nice Desktop Backgrounds to share

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    In the next update would be nice to have the other chest from the shop and arena if possible

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    On Telegram, they wanted us to ask about the soldiers units from our field and arena ranks being added in a future fan kit.

    Thanks again for being so generous with the material in the kits we truly love and enjoy it all

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    I want to put in a request of the "hand/paw print" loading/connecting sign.

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    All current request for additions to the Fankit are ...

    • New Heros - Chasqa, Shi, Uku, Cipai, Saru, Wan and Xiao basic and evolved versions.
    • Panther Inquisitor and other bosses from Quests.
    • The Various standard chest from locksmith and shop.
    • The "hand/paw print" loading/connecting sign.
    * The Draw, Defeat, Surrender and Victory signs from the end of the matches would also be great for us.
    * The music played when we are defeated was a request at one point also.

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