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    26.09.2016 CHANGELOG

    Dear Commanders,

    Please find below the list of changes introduced to the game with the new patch.

    HEROES :

    Taï :
    His power-up ability has been decreased, and now provides less boost and resistance.

    His power-up ability has been reduced in efficiency.
    We fixed an issue preventing Kane to properly power-up damage abilities of Heroes in his team.

    His activation value has been increased
    His Health has been decreased

    His ability’s damages have been increased

    Roku :
    His activation value has been increased
    His health has been decreased


    12 hours chest can be unlocked in 8 hours

    Get ready to join the Arena Season! Face players from around the world, get trophies and win exclusive rewards at the end of each Season!

    Do you want to know more about your friends?
    Check your friends list and get to know their army of the moment and their Quest and Arena level!
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