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Thread: Level 158 Help

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    Level 158 Help

    I've been stuck on quest level 158 forever. I've tried every thing I can think of. Please post working combo to take down this level.TIA

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    I'd go for an all red team. Definitely Liu cause he can hit the 2 guys in the back row and Erys who can hit ALL 4 guys. With Kiit/Hiru + Shura?

    Alternatively, could use Horis (he's sure to hit 2 of them as well) with some freezing guys maybe (that would render them unable to activate their hero. Konil/Missar because they deal damage as well as chances of freezing.

    But I recommend an all red team so you can focus on one color and they are easier to summon/activate.

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    Thank you so much for the awesome advice. 1st try and I got past it

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