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    PvP Point System

    I feel like there needs to be a new balancing of the PvP system (should be base on hero level and HP level).

    Currently the points rewarded is based on the points people have for PvP. Today there has been a flood of players who are around level 20-21 (base on their HP) but with only 500-600-ish points.

    I got disconnected twice, lost one game = -26 points (-9-8-9), won about 10 games and only got like 15 points back.

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    Happens to me today a lot of 500-600 elo players

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    Happens to me today a lot of 500-600 elo players

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    After i pass 1000 elo start match with 500 600 players maybe system dont want us go further this time in elo if you win just 1 or 2 points but if you lose 8 or 9 points less

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    Yeah...wonder where the flux of new PvP players are coming from.

    A couple of them had 800HP (so newbies) but majority of them had 1200+HP but low elo (so maybe they just ran out of levels or was stuck on a certain level stupid 280) and wanted chests.

    Either way...not very motivated to play PvP right now unless I'm out of chests

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    Same here. Been matched with lots of 900 HP and downs today. First times that's ever happened.

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