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    FAN ART CONTEST - Theria's first ever artist challenge!

    Dear Commanders,

    Before being a leader of Heroes and a fierce challenger in the arena, maybe your were an artist!

    Share your best creations with us from the world of Theria and you may win some amazing prizes. They can be drawings, paintings, collages... let your imagination guide you and submit your piece of art in this thread before October 25th (12am CET).

    The 3 Best Creations will earn an Amazing Reward Bundle including:

    1x Noren

    2x Cipaï

    8x Chasqa

    30x Torr

    25 000 Gold

    Need some inspiration?
    Don't miss this opportunity to download our fan-kit with tons of great assets that you can play with!
    Download it >>here<<

    Good luck to all!
    the Primal Legends Team
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    I couldn't figure out what to create for this with so many great possibilities so I just made a desktop wallpaper for the random team I was testing in arena. The idea is Kaala is summoning the rest of the team from the portal to assist her in the arena

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    I did a wood-burning piece of the Logo. I had a blast making it and plan on doing more wood-burnings of the Heros later. [IMG][/IMG]

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    It didn't really specify how many entries you could submit so here is another one I did today. [IMG][/IMG]

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    fan art contest

    boo boo boo... im coming with this fan art i hope you like it and

    alternate if can't open link

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    I draw this one. This is my imagination of a new hero from the forest of Hylia - JOSEPH. I hope you like it.
    Other heroes comming soon

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    i think i uplod same photos :/ here the second

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    This is my comics, i hope u like it. Thanks fan kit Primal legends.

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    Users Awaiting Email Confirmation

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    Heres my entry :)

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    Good morning and thank you for these amazing creations! We will spotlight some on our Facebook fan page :)

    It has been a very close call as we love each and every one of them, but have decided on the winners below:

    1. kjuzino
    For his amazing original creation!

    2. Aon Sutrisnom
    For his hand-drawn Heroes!

    3. Zach Dooley
    For the very original and awesome looking burning wood pieces!

    Please reply to this thread with your Primal Legends IDs to receive your gifts!

    The contest may be over, but we'd love to see fan arts posted so don't hesitate to get creative if you feel like it, your masterpieces will be spotlighted to Primal Legends Fans :)

    UPDATE: the contest DID end today, despite a typo in the OP indicating it will last until November, apologies for any confusion caused and have a great day.
    We'll definitely do more fan-art contests in the future!
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    Hello, team Kobojo

    Iam really happy that you like my art of Joseph.
    My ID 407170

    Have a nice day and THANK YOU for gifts.

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