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    Quote Originally Posted by Zahir Azhar View Post
    Can I post a drawing of MGG+Halloween...because I'm kinda weak with software...
    Of course ! :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Kenneth Adriano View Post

    Did I do this correctly? Hope so...
    Yes, totally works gg

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashap View Post
    Attachment 6001

    Mexican holiday Day of the Dead
    Not sure I see the link here with MGG Ashap... We may not be able to take this one in consideration :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardwick Diones View Post
    how to delete post? i accidentally post my work on my brother's account.

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    hope you like it :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by [K] Allen Bernard View Post
    Nice one !
    thanks my friend i hope u like it :) :)

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    Scarlett and the halloween gang have challenged big santa and his christmas gang to a 5v5 battle.Unfortunatly for scarlett prince scorpion was busy and could not come to the battle so she recruited genimal instead but for santa he could not find a fifth member since jack ice was also busy so he just made a ice version of shellshock for the battlescarlett and crow may look a bit weird this is because i couldn't
    find proper vectors for them so i had to cut out some of the background it is not the neatest work but i still tryed.

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