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    Lost connection vs 1000+ players with Capital Letters

    Every time i face a player with over 1000 pts, and has name with 2 starting capital letters,
    Like TopsRota or any name 1 word like that
    Lose connection during the other players turn!
    Really frustrating cuz it seems i always have great start then server shit pops up!

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    I think the server is fine.
    But someone can cut off his opponents connection to get win.

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    happen to me today with Hec-JR number 1 in Arena fought him 3 times and desconnect 3 times something weird is that RGN generate much red color when i fight him on board he using 3 red and 1 yellow and 75 % board both side are red they should investige why kimd of hack using to do that

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    the picture is from my friend.

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    I have lost 4 times connection with TopsCattle also. I don't remember when I have last time played with him without connection lost.

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