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    The Hero Balance / Rework Thread!

    Hello guys lets start this good thread, im sure it will be really usefull for everyone of us =]

    What do we post here?
    Here we will post our ideas / thinkings about the heroes and what change you would do to them. This mean you may be worried about some balance issues regarding some characters, like for example a too used hero or a never used hero. "How would you fix it?"
    For example: "I would like to see Harron more used on pvp, i believe adding this pasive can make it better" or "Horis is a really used hero maybe if we lower its damage a bit..." etc

    How do I post my ideas?
    First try to do your post the clearest and cleanest as posible. Second you must try to argument something logical about the change you propose. Let me give you some do and do not examples:
    DO NOT:
    GUYS OMG MORIISSOOP PLZREWORK THAT HERO SHE KILLED ME ONE HUNDREDTURNSagfater y droped my bane and bane is a dog it should do damage not heal like the rat and why does she not have boobs wtf guys where are her legs maybe is a boy its too strong it killed me after 95turns and i couldnt drop my noren and drall and ned wtf blue is so blue im not blue omg so cheater plz fix mori i dont like her
    Hi guys i got some ideas for Harron, i believe he may be a bit overpower let me show why:
    -He is a normal hero and its easily leveled up.
    -His damage is high comparing to XX for the same gauge
    -Maybe adding him a pasive instead of a XX
    Two different points of view may both be righ
    Remember people have differents point of view about how to play this game. Be always respectful.

    Dont be shy!
    If you have an idea post it! You may help us all! Just remember sometimes people pretends to not see the emperor's naked body.

    Remember!: This thead is about existing heroes balance. If you have a new hero idea we have another thread for that. Also this thread is about HEROES balance, not about game issues.

    Have fun and share your ideas!

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    ASARO since there's a thread talking about him. Make his activation bar higher but the damage he is able grant higher cause +5 attack isn't going to really make or break anyone and since he only increases his own health (I feel he's rather useless).


    Next point is not so much a fix but I just want confirmation since I don't have MIRGA. But is MIRGA and TAI basically the same? With Mirga being the better version since she haves lower activation bar, higher health and better healing?

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    mirga and tai is not the same read carefully mirga warcry

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    Tai : speed up heroes powers. Mirga :speed up heroes summon to board

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    Always thought activation and invocation was the same (at least that's how Kishu's death cry seems to work). Good to know, she's mainly useful with guys like Ned/Noren I guess

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    Pyk and Styr need a bit of love. These are good heroes but they are really hard to place on a team. The big wide area make them easily targeted by enemies and aoes. I believe rebalancing a bit more they skills or adding them up a few modification of deathrattle or pasives. Let me show what i have in mind

    Skill:maybe a bit more % of reduced damage may be nice
    Deathrattle: same as now (n/a)
    Even with more % its an easy kill right? Just 2 turns of erys or a lucky kaala should do the trick. What if we add some tricky passive? We talked a few times about some hero able to reflect damage to enemies. What if....
    Passive: Reflect some damage to enemy hp pool. Example 20%. Everytime he is hit he will reflect some of damage he recive to the enemy.
    For example if he( Level 1 Pyk) is hit by one Shuras(Lvl 1 Shura) shurikens, [40-(40*10/100)]=36 damage will be done to pyk.
    Now adding this passive this hit to him would also done 7of damage to enemy hp (36*20/100)=7.2
    You maty think But hey 7hp is useless but now think everytime he is hit he will poke enemy. plus if he is perma healed it could be a endles poke. Not too much but at least anoying enough. I believe with this passive we should be seeing more of this hero on pvp.

    The only thing i would change to him is his death rattle.
    Deathrattle: Grants a large amout of life to allied heroes and allied player.
    I believe with this little modification we should see more of this hero on pvp. Doing this modification may make him a really good tide changer played on mid-late game.

    What do you think guys?

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