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    Exclamation Cheaters make you lost everytime like disconnected errors

    Some players can make their enemies lost immediately like disconnect errors.

    [PG] Skrillex is a cheater. He can make us disconnected and lost every time he see that we can win in Arena. This thing seem to be a disconnect error but it's not. By that way, he climbed to the Top.

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    hi meo skrillex is part of our telegram group chat [PG] i will talk to him and see whats happens about he cheating in the game if you want to join here the link if he is guilty of some desconnection hack should be banned by kobojo

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    we [PG] dont support any kind of cheat or hack in this game we sufffer losing points to them too

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    Hi Meow, this is a serious issue and as part of PG if it is true i am sorry. We will investigate and we will do the necessary if proven using some kind of hack. We don't tolerate cheaters and we will not ever in future.

    Thanks for informing though. Have a nice day!

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    I have played with Skrillex probably yesterday or 2 days ago and I was lucky to win. No dc.

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    Oe pinche maricon jusgas a uno que hace esa pendejada sabiendo que son muchos lo que hacen eso de seguro tu as de ser uno de esos hacker por que como sabes que pasa ese tipo de error al desconectar aquirrrs ir de pendejo siendo tu tambien unos de los hack yo diría a kobojo que blokeara está apk se llama sb gamer hack es eso lo que hace causar los problemas de desconexion lo acabo de comprobar en la n video que subió youtube y quise darle la lecion a hacker pero no vale la pena malograr un juego
    Tan vacan que es y bueno kobojo la apk se llama sb game hack esa es la pendejada y pon un anticipo ban para que ya no sigan haciendo ese tipo de piratería

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    Could anyone help me to translate George Alexis Sandoval's reply above? He talked about a mod apk of this game that made this cheating way, didn't he?

    And Kobojo's admin, what do you think about this problem?

    After I reported, Skrillex dissapeared from the Leaderboard. Maybe he changed his optical name. But I've seen several players cheating that way. Erick is an example.... Wait to see if he is going to dissapear after this post?

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    Loosely translated George says that he's been having the same problems and he went searching and found an app that hacks the game. He's not hacking but did install the app to see if it does what they say it does and the information he has about the app has been made available to help find a solution to the problem.

    My understanding is, Kobojo has been looking into and dealing with all hack attempts with extreme prejudice, bans have been and will continue to be issued to rectify the situation as those responsible are discovered.

    We've all been having trouble with Erick of that no one is going to say otherwise

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    Well, Erick has been around forever and gotten to top 4.

    I'm pretty sure I've played [PG] Skrillex before and never been disconnected (the 'r' looks out of place, similar name maybe)

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    Skrillex didn't cheat all the times but most. Not only me but some other people on Facebook complained about him. Where is he now? He changed his optical name to Erick, maybe. :(

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    Erick its a long history cheater.
    Its like the town cheater by now. Most people played against him an dc. We should create a hero about him, something if charged it gauge may disconect you. Eric the gambling troll.

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