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    Rigged PVP matches

    Has anyone else noticed the PVP matches aren't random? They seem to be set up to highly favor one or the other player. One player will get the colors they need and their random attacks will hit disproportionately. The other player will get almost no colors they need and their random attacks will always miss. So one person dies while the other still has 80% of their life.

    The result is a ver lopsided and unfair match. Even when I'm favored, it's not fun because I'm just slaughtering the opponent. It's like playing chess with 2 queens.

    Also, your "favored" or "unfavored" status comes in waves. I'll win 20 in a row and then lose 20 in a row. When that happens multiple times, it can't be random.

    Shame on Kubojo for doing this. They have a great (even brilliant) concept, but they destroy the game by making it unfair. If it's not fair, why play?

    I hope others will share their experience of how Kubojo manipulates PVP. Then maybe they'll stop and just let luck and skill play out. If they don't maybe the players will see how unfair it is and quit the game. Then maybe Kubojo will reconsider manipulating PVP in their next game.

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    pvp macth system is broken that true , matches are random i have 1101 elo points and match with 400 -600 elo players isnt fun because if i lose is like -10 points and if i win 0 points is not fair , they delete bots from pvp but fighting low elo players is not a solution

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    I agree pvp is a little broken now as still we have matches when we earn 0 elo due to big difference in elo and level. pertaining to your concern in my opinion that is how RNG works. Its very hard for the devs to develop a well fair and stable pvp how much more if they have to manipulate it. Though not impossible but situation says its far off from it. Happy gaming everyone!

  4. #4 get a hot streak and then a low streak. But I also feel it might be somewhat opponent base.

    There are some opponents for whatever reason when you fight them...the tiles NEVER go your way. It happens to me but yesterday I played someone who was using all 4 heroes of the same colour (I played him 3 times). I felt so bad for the took him 3 turns to be able to summon a single hero and by then he had 200 HP left and he wasn't summoning a Drall/Noren, pretty sure it was about 65 activation. This happened like all 3 times I played him.

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    Agreed. It's no fun playing someone who is handicapped. Every match should start with a level playing field.

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    Can't help but notice that Kobojo hasn't denied that they rig PVP matches.

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    Proposed mulligan system some time ago for balancing game a bit at the start, but seems like ppl ignored it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Latinogreene View Post
    Can't help but notice that Kobojo hasn't denied that they rig PVP matches.
    I think they are busy designing new features for the game as next big update is coming. in anyways gain more evidence for this issue and send it to support team so u will be heard and actions be taken. happy gaming!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Latinogreene View Post
    Can't help but notice that Kobojo hasn't denied that they rig PVP matches.
    I can confirm that PvP matches are ABSOLUTELY NOT RIGGED in any way.
    The ELO system works as it is supposed to work and attempts to match up players of equal ELO score as much as it can. It is however possible that few players are available around similar ELO scores at the time you are searching for an opponent. In this case the system will match you within a certain time-frame, even if the ELO score difference is bigger than we would like: this is done to minimize the time you spend waiting to find a match.

    Also, the disposition of units on the board is absolutely random: this RNG is why having too many Heroes of the same color in your team can be dangerous.

    I hope this helps clear things up.


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