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    I meant 5 arena matches instead of the 10 wins and I know you all were discussing it above but requiring wins is excessive unless that number is 5 but we already get a Fight Chest at 5. If someone just starts a match and concedes to get in their 5 matches be more specific with the criteria or make conceded not count until 2nd turn or more or something else requiring the wins is a hassle maybe make it 10 arena matches but don't make it wins make it completed matches Victory or Defeat concede only if under certain health .... but now I might be making it more complicated than it should be bleh you all figure out the details tell me what I got to do everyday and I will do it

    Deal with it I'm too lazy to delete and too stubborn to cancel so read what I wrote and agree or disagree lol I really don't care if you get me stuff to do

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    bump (old idea)

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