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    What if there were multiple league types and they alternated.

    Classic PL League (2 weeks)
    New ranking league (2 weeks)
    Idea 3 (2 weeks)

    So that it alternated to something fresh every 2 weeks. I know lots of games that do this to keep things interesting. The fact that PL still has players even though it is so stagnant and lacking new content is a testament to the quality of the gameplay!

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    Might be like you said Wexer. Anything fresh will be nice. But I am still waiting for different league for random than standard. For me mixing both game modes was almost kill to they gameplay and I lost like 80% of interest in PL after that. Everyone got like lion chest with almost 0 effort, and constructed is dead (you are too often placed vs randoms which you are destroying, also vice versa is bad).

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