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    Stuck at level 298

    Hi, has anyone completed level 298? Could anyone be kind enough to give me tips. Thank you in advance.

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    Just played that level again.

    I used Styr, Kishu, Torr and Masha. I put Masha behind Styr in the beginning to give him a boost in life everytime she activates, and to protect the massive damage you can accumulate beside/behind Masha. Torr either the left most or right most column (or else there will be items blocking his attack).

    Made the mistake of putting Kishu in the back and got hit with Wakai in the first round (and taken out in round 2 by Torr). I don't think they there is a sniper except Horis in Round 3 so putting her behind Torr/Styr would be good since only the fireballs could hit her.

    Styr's death gave like 200+ HP to heroes.

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    I used Gwenn to freeze the enemy heroes and then killed them with my other heroes.

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    Thank you Meo & Knightified! Will try and let you know soon.

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