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    Please help with Quest level 98

    I'm level 18 and can't seem to beat quest level 98. My current plan is to wait until I have Cipai.

    Advice would be much appreciated!

    ID: 634078

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    Just replayed the level and it's definitely one of the more difficult levels in the game. I'm level 23 with basically all heroes available at my level and it's still difficult for me lol.

    I'd say the best strategy for you would be a defensive / offensive hybrid or a freezing strategy.

    By defensive / offensive strategy, I mean to have two or so "defensive" heroes (Pyk + Hero Healer would be a great combo for this level) and two offensive heroes that can deal massive damage (I assume you have Mori and Torr, those two should work well).

    By a freezing strategy, if you have Gwenn, use her to just freeze the enemy board and work around those frozen blocks to make it difficult for the AI Enemy to attack you effectively. You'd probably want to use heroes that just attack the enemy and not the board (Isiaaki, Ken-uh, Krys) or heroes that attack in a straight line (Torr, Roku, etc.) if using this strategy.

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