Hello,since i interested to this game more than MGG right now i decided to make some fan made heroes.my creation heroes will be feathured to a new dungeon called Japanese dungeon and all of them are exclusive heroes which means you can't unlock them from chests or shop without defeated their own dungeon challange.and here they are:

Unlocked at:Exclusive hero from Japanese dungeon
Summoning cost:115
Cursed katanas strike:Launch deadly attacks at 2 lane within range(Damage:150X12)
Death rattle:Kills a random enemy hero
Story:Zamusai was one of the most dangerous and mysterious samurai in far east.Not much known about his past,but anybody who heard his name shall consumed by fear.After the attack of the forces of underworld who desroyed his homeland,he become a traveler and lead a group of some rebels
Summoning quote:Prepare to meet your demise

Unlocked at:Exclusive hero from Japanese dungeon
Summoning cost:110
Enforcers of princess:Grants life and activates units in a row infront or behind her(30x6)
Story:Aleena was a princess of the golden tiger empire in the far east,She was a daughter of the famous Emperor Toramamushi and Empress Makino.She's loved and adored by her peoples.until one day the forces of underworld attacked her empire,she's fighting alongside her parents in a desperate attempt to defeat the forces of underworld,eventually both of her parents were killed and her empire fell into the forces of the underworld's reign.Became the only surviving member of the royal family she swore that she'll avenges her parents' death and reclaims her throne.In her journey she met the Samurai Zamusai and his group who also holding grudge to the forces of the underworld and eventually joined them.
Passive:Grants +5 attack points to units around her
Summoning quote:You'll learn respect

Unlocked at:Exclusive hero from Japanese DUngeon
Summoning cost:98
Meteor Punch:Launch a very destructive frontal attack chances of bleeding or freezing(200)
Story:Yokozuna was a champion of sumotori wrestling from the far east.After his homeland was destroyed by the forces of the underworld he abandoned his career as a champion of sumotori in favor to fight and rebels againt the force of the underworld alongside his best friend Zamusai
Summoning quote:I will crush you